Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Day of Firsts

It's official, at around 10:30 this morning, Ada took two steps. I was so excited!! She has been standing on her own for longer periods of time lately, and I have tried to encourage to walk, but usually she squats or lunges forward into a crawl. Today, she took two real steps before squatting into a crawl. She did it twice more throughout the day, but she never took more than two steps at a time. She is getting more confident about letting go of things as she "cruises" around the room, so I suspect that before we know it little Ada will be toddling all over the place.

Now, I felt like the event was worth celebrating, so we went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch, and Ada had her first kid's meal. Scott and I had coupons, so the location was decided for us, but I was so excited to get her her first real kid's meal. And she ate a grand total of one chicken nugget broken into tiny pieces and a few bites of fry. Plus she couldn't figure out how to suck the apple juice out of the juice box, so maybe it's still too early for the kid's meal. I guess I was just an over eager first time mom. But, ya'll, the "prize" in the kid's meal was so great--a little hard book with a great moral--being friends with people who are different from us. And it even had little discussion questions in the back. So cute. I just love Chick-fil-a!!

So, a big day for little Ada!


rhodes1 said...

Yay Ada!

Lindsay said...

Oh my goodness! She is getting so big! I bet when I'm there in a couple of weeks, she'll be running all over the place! Oh, and guess what! Caiden has slept for 8 hours straight two nights in a row!

ann said...

Mom told me that yesterday. I was like, what? You forgot to tell me. Welcome to the world of kids' meals. Remember when it was such a HUGE treat for us to get one? Now when it says "collect all 5 toys", we have usually collected all 5. I try to figure out the cheapest ways for us to all eat at fast food, but really in the end, I think the kids meal is, because it includes drinks and that is what usually gets us.

LB said...

Lindsay--I am so glad you will be visiting soon!!

Ann--you can also say welcome to the world of having to share everything you eat with your child. Now, no matter what I am eating or when she has eaten last, if Ada sees me eating, she crawls to where I am, pulls up on me, and whines until I give her a bite. She even does this when I am eating peanuts, which obviously I can't give her. She has been eating a lot of string cheese, though. And yogurt.