Monday, September 22, 2008

Another Monday

which means it's time for the week's menu. We are using a lot of what we already have in the pantry because I spent a chunk of the week's budget on some great non-food items at CVS. I stocked up on Purex laundry detergent. Purex was on sale for 2.99, I had coupons for .50 off, and I received one extra buck for each bottle I purchased. So, I purchased three bottles for 7.50, and I got 3.00 to use on my next CVS purchase. Almay and Covergirl make up was also on sale, and I had coupons, so I stocked up on those as well. Plus I received 3 extra bucks for the cover girl makeup. And I bought a huge thing of Scott paper towels on sale+coupons+extra bucks. It was a good CVS run. All of that to say, our menu is rather boring and repetitive. But we won't go hungry:)

Remember, I start on Fridays.

Friday night--dinner out with Scott and Ada

Saturday--grill out at a friend's house, dinner whatever we can find (weren't super hungry after the big lunch)

Sunday--Shane's Barbecue for lunch, whatever we can find for dinner (again, full from lunch)

Monday--grilled hotdogs, need to use up from last week

Tuesday--bean soup, again using what we already have

Wednesday--leftovers or veggie stir fry and fried rice (note: though this is always on the menu as a back up plan, we haven't actually eaten it in a few weeks. This week we plan to actually eat it)

Thursday--Italian Zucchini Crescent Pie (had a can of crescent rolls in the fridge). The only new recipe I am trying this week. We will most likely eat this with broccoli and some sort of bread.

Lunches--PB&J and dinner leftovers

Breakfast--kashi waffles (my freezer is still stocked from the great Target sale), south beach bars, pop tarts (again, leftover from great Target sale), and whatever else we can find.

Snacks--yogurt, chex mix (leftover from last week's sale), multi grain cheerios (Ada), peanut butter and crackers

As always, find more great meal ideas at organizing junkie.

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Frugal Finds said...

I hope you share your Thursday night recipe with us! I am always looking for something to do with the zucchini we grow!