Sunday, September 14, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

I am typing this on Thursday night with plans to post it on Monday. I need to organize my thoughts and coupons and lists and everything else, and what better way to do it than on my blog. I am sitting in our living room with a million coupons all around me. I have lofty plans to get super coupon organized this weekend. We'll see how that goes. I have scanned several store circulars and matched coupons and added up the dollars, and this is what I have come up with. And, by the way, I am exhausted and ready for bed.

I actually start my menu on Friday because Friday is pay day and when I shop. Friday mornings to be exact. Remember to go to menu planning Monday for more great dinner ideas.

Friday--grilled hot dogs, baked beans, chips

Saturday--dinner out with Scott

Sunday--frozen pizza (we have community group on Sunday nights, so this is what we always do).

Monday--16 bean soup, corn dog muffins (we had too many leftovers last week for me to ever make this recipe)

Tuesday--leftovers and/or chicken tetrazzini from the freezer, lima beans, rolls of some sort

Wednesday--leftovers and/or Turkey Bacon wraps and chips

Thursday--Taco Bake (this could change at the last minute. We'll see)

Breakfast--Kashi waffles (BIG sale at Target), South Beach Bars (BIG sale at Walgreens + coupons), yogurt (Kroger sale + coupons), multi grain cheerios (Kroger sale + coupons)

Lunch--PB & J, chex mix (sale + coupons), string cheese, yogurt (coupon), leftovers, fiber one bars (coupon), pasta salad made with multi grain pasta (coupon) with added protein (yummy, healthy, and fairly cheap), and any combination of the above that we feel like eating. Some of these things will also serve as afternoon snacks. I am more of a five small meals person than a 3 normal sized meals person, so I have to have my snacks. It's the blood sugar thing.

I am also purchasing some Pillsbury cookie dough which is on sale B1G1 plus I have a coupon. We will pull that out if we need a treat one night. Sarah will be in town this weekend, so I wanted to make sure we had something fun to eat while she so graciously watches Ada.

I always keep the "fixings" for fried rice and stir fry in the cabinets and fridge in case I change my mind about anything at the last minute. I am prone to do that from time to time. We'll see how it all goes. We are crossing our fingers for a super low grocery bill. Yikes. We'll see.

One last thing--I still have plenty of diapers, yea, and I already purchased milk for the week. And, of course, no diet coke.

UPDATE: One, I am actually posting this on Sunday night, but you get the idea. The point is to be organized for the week ahead. Our grocery bill came to about 74.00, which was more than I hoped for, but still good for a week's worth of food. I am working on getting it even lower. I did save 40.00 with coupons and my Kroger card. I worked hard to combine coupons with things that were already on sale.

I will be back tomorrow to post on Saturday's exciting Dave event. Stay tuned.


Jane Owens said...

Laura Beth, I have meant to tell you of a good meal that is inexpensive. I buy the Zatarains Gumbo mix and add a couple of cooked, boneless, chicken breasts, shredded. I sometimes add frozen okra (if you like that). That along with a sandwich or cornbread is a great meal and we can eat 2-3 nights on it. It has some rice in it. Very nutrious, very healthy in wt watcher pts (the gumbo). The box is very inexpensive.

I also make veggie quesadillas that are very good and cheap on a George Foreman grill. my email is if you want to email for the recipe

Sandra said...

Great menu :)

My Menu Plan

A. said...

Well, your week looks really good! You are the third person to mention Fried Rice this week. Do you have a recipe you might share?

That sounds like a filling, cheap and simple staple to keep on hand!!!

HDMac said...

It ALWAYS helps to have a backup plan! When you have kids mealtimes can get crazy! Loved using my crockpot when the kids were home and in school because with sports and all the other activittes, it could get crazy.... now I love it just because it helps at meal times because I work outside the home.

Good menu.g

Martha said...

I bookmarked the turkey bacon wrap recipe. It looks so good and easy.

Sherry said...

Great menu! I also saved the turkey bacon wraps. I think I will use some homemade crescent dough for them, too. :D Thanks for sharing!

UKZoe said...

That sale at target must be good, because you're the 3rd person I've read in the last 5 minutes who's having Kashi waffles this week.

Brooke said...

ooh, the taco bake recipe sounds great! :) and i stocked up on cresent rolls during the last sale so i'll have to try it!

Vanessa said...

Were having hot dogs as well this week. That Mexican Bake looks delcious. I've been making a variation of that lately.

Laura said...

Just had to do a double take when i saw your name over on the MPM list. Its my name too! Or was before I got married a couple of years ago. I've never met another Laura Moore. :)
Your menu for the week looks good. I'm about to start menu planning for the first time and getting a few ideas. ;)
Love the music on your blog too. :)