Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What our life looks like with no cable

Scott and I are not the typical couple to not have cable. We really like television. A lot. We really look forward to 7:00, when dinner is eaten and the dishwasher is loaded, Ada is bathed and in bed, and we can crash onto the couch for some much needed down time.

However, when we moved into the new house, we decided to try living without cable. Instead we bought an antennae at Wal-Mart (or somewhere) and we get a few major channels through that. Enough to watch The Today Show, some football, and the main weeknight shows. Because Ada is, well, Ada, our downstairs antennae is fairly torn up. I am probably not as diligent as I should be about telling her not touch it because I HATE having it in our living room. It just doesn't go with the rest of the decor if you know what I mean. So maybe I secretly hope she tears it up. And I secretly hope we end up having to get cable. But, for now, we just watch a lot of fuzzy Today Show in the mornings.

The antennae upstairs, however, is in perfect condition, and we get very clear, HD clear, NBC. Tonight was the premier of The Biggest Loser, which we LOVE!!!, so we wanted to watch it on the HD clear channel. Problem is, that television is in our empty office sitting on a lonely little shelf, the single piece of furniture in the room. Scott watches it when he works from home on Tuesdays. Remember the air mattress that Scott thought would be a good solution for our master bedroom? Well, we decided to blow it up, get some pillows, and sit on it to watch The Biggest Loser. So there we sat tonight, in an empty room, on an air mattress, watching a channel brought to us by an ugly, ugly antennae. Oh the price we pay for saving money.

By the way, The Biggest Loser looks promising. I get so excited at the end when they show the transformation. I gasp in excitement every time. Never fails.


John, Jessica, Hannah, and Grant Harman said...

we love the Biggest Loser too..and were tuned in tonight as well...glad you could see it and get some good use out of that air mattress..too funny!

Emily said...

I run in the morning before Abby Jane wakes up. I have a jogging stroller that we use for walks. I agree that it's much harder to run with the stroller, so I only run with it when Jake's out of town and I can't get in my run before she wakes up! Glad you liked the stay-at-home post. I took it down b/c I started to worry that some of my working mom friends would misinterpret what I was saying and be hurt. Tone of voice is hard to read in black and white!

ann said...

I love Pillsbury recipes. I am going to try the taco bake next week!