Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tuesday's Happenings and a quick recipe

It's been a rather busy day for Ada and me. We started the day with breakfast at Gritz, which I have written about before. We planned to meet some other moms for coffee at Koffe Klutch, the only local coffee shop in town that sells Big Train vanilla chai. However, Koffee Klutch is CLOSING, which is sad on so many levels. One, it was a kid friendly place. The owner even had a couple of toys that Ada was allowed to play with while in there. Two, it was local. We have a few Starbucks around town, but I am a Big Train fan. I have been ever since sophomore year of college when I basically moved into Taylor's Bakery and lived off of iced vanilla chais. Now that my dad is no longer supporting me (sorry for all that money spent at Taylor's, dad), I only have a chai as an occasional treat, but still, to no longer have it as an option is very disappointing. FYI--a vanilla iced chai made with coffee only has 110 calories, which equals only TWO points on weight watchers. Chais got me through many an afternoon (and early morning and late night) while a student at Auburn. So sad. So very sad.

So after our morning breakfast with the moms, we headed home for Ada to take a nap. I am making every effort to get some kind of handle on the keeping of my house, and I planned to tackle the master bedroom and bath today. It is quite the wreck. While Ada slept, I came up with a game plan for cleaning the upstairs. The master bedroom has become a dumping ground for all things clutter. Ada's toys are everywhere, not to mention dirty laundry and clean laundry. The laundry room is upstairs next to our bedroom, which is mainly a blessing, but it does cause the clothes to pile up in the bedroom. They threaten to take over on most days. Also, our bathroom is an absolute disaster because Ada occupies herself by pulling EVERYTHING out of the cabinets and drawers while I get ready in the mornings. I let her do it because I am already fighting the "no" battle by not letting her sit in the wet shower stall or climb into the tub. Also, as I attempted to clean up today, Ada came behind me, messing up already folded laundry and pulling clothes out of my dresser drawer. It sometimes feels useless to try to make sense of the mess. I would LOVE some advice from other moms. The clutter truly is taking over our lives. And I only have one child right now. I can't even wrap my head around what my house will look like if God chooses to give us a house full.

Leftovers were on the menu for dinner, which means I got in a little afternoon nap instead of cooking dinner. yea for that. Scott came home to a sleeping wife and daughter. (Ada took a very short mid-morning nap, so I put her back down for a second one around 4). And that was our day. The house is slightly neater, but it's not the straight house that I had envisioned having by tonight. Seriously, any advice for tackling the clutter that is literally taking over our lives?

And I will end with a quick recipe. I had several boxes of cake mix in my pantry, and I was craving something that tasted homemade, so I made a dump cake. So easy and very good. Here is the recipe--

1 box of cake mix (I use yellow, you can switch this up depending on the filling. For example, I would probably use spice if I was going to use apple filling)
2 cans of pie filling (or I am sure you could use fresh fruit as well, which would obviously taste even better.) I prefer blackberry, but you can do any flavor.
A stick of butter

Pour in the pie filling, pour in the cake mix, and top with pats of butter.

Bake for 45 minutes at 350

Not healthy AT ALL, but oh so good. For more recipes, check out Blessed With Grace.

p.s. I have come up with the perfect extra job for Scott--he is going to mow lawns!! This pays much better than any other extra job, AND it will give him time outdoors. We just have to purchase a weed eater and blower. What do you think? And I am still pursuing tutoring, so we'll see. We are just praying every night that God will provide that extra amount. And so we eagerly wait and watch.


Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

Yum! I love something easy and good, like this.

Stephanie said...

Hey LB! Have you heard of Flylady? Surely you have!! It seems you may have written about it before but I can't remember. I am losing brain cells as I near the age of 38. LOL Anyway, it's flylady.net if you want to check it out and it has TONS of advice on keeping up your house. My goal is to actually follow her advice someday. LOL I am blessed always by reading your blog. Love ya! Steph

The Slagleys said...

I actually use FlyLady too! (not everyday though) I like her idea of doing 15 minutes at a time, and I try to do these while Kate is awake so I can relax when she sleeps. I just talk her through everything that I am doing and see if she acts remotely interested. I try to give her a few things to occupy her and I just quickly work around her. I am actually doing FlyLady's kitchen sink soak today!

Amanda said...

Ok as far as the Big Train chai goes. I bought my own mix from JL Hufford online last year. http://www.jlhufford.com/big-train.asp

You get like 10 chais worth for like $5!

I'm thinking about re-ordering some this year too. All you need is a blender and you are good to go :)

Melissa said...

i wish i had time to read all of your posts...agghh...i would love to dive deep with you into all this..sad! Okay..i love those vanilla chai's too...feel your same pain in having to "give them up"!! I will walk into Taylor's now whenever i get the chance to back to Auburn just to "smell" the memories in that little quaint place:-) Ella is dragging my papers off the desk and tripping over her toys on the floor...better run! Just know i am in the middle of everything you are in right now...wish i could be a better blogger~ hopefully everything i wrote just made sense---no time for 'editing'!!! ha