Monday, September 15, 2008

Our Dave Weekend and my attempt to STAY AT HOME this week!!

Well, as promised, I am here to report on our Dave Ramsey LIVE experience. It was quite the experience. People were fired up about Dave Ramsey, and the man next to us, the man who sat right next to us, despite the hundreds of empty spots all over the auditorium, asked us if this was our first time. We, of course, answered yes, as we are new Dave followers, and the implication seemed to be that many people hear Dave Ramsey live any chance they get. It is like this exclusive club that I knew nothing about until a few months ago. Only you don't have to be high society to get into this club, you just have to be like millions of other Americans--in debt, any amount of debt, and ready to do whatever it takes to get out of it. One baby step at a time.

Dave is very funny in person. His jokes were somewhat cheesy but not so cheesy that they weren't funny. I found myself laughing often. He is very captivating. And he has quite the following. It was fascinating to hear his story of how he ended up bankrupt with a toddler and brand new baby. That's enough to encourage Scott and me!! It could be worse. So much worse. And I have to say that though his method is a tough pill to swallow, I believe whole heartedly that it works, and we plan to do whatever it takes no matter how long it takes us to climb out of this situation one tiny, tiny step at a time. I don't know that he said anything that I hadn't already read in his book, but to be surrounded by that many people who are as determined as we are to stop believing the lies of our society and start being responsible with money is quite motivating and encouraging and inspiring. So, we walked away with new determination. And our first test comes this week. Aghhh....of course my resolve is already being tested.

Our first step before we can do anything is to set a budget and, here's the catch, STICK TO IT!!! NO MATTER WHAT. As in, we used way more gasoline than usual this weekend, gas prices are insane because of Hurricane Ike, the gas light is on, and we have already used the allotted gas money for the week. Yet, we stick to the budget no matter what. So Ada and I are looking at a lot of time at home this week. God does have the sense of humour doesn't He? I just posted about how I am praying that he give me a heart for being at home. So, he says okay, I will take away your transportation so you have no choice. What do you think? Can I do it? Literally not use my car until Friday when the gas budget starts over? I know this, that if I wake up Friday morning and I have managed to stick to it, I will feel empowered and it will probably be just the "fuel" I need to continue to stick to this thing. One baby step at a time. Baby step one--don't put gasoline in the car when there is no money in the gasoline budget. I am thankful that I had Dave Ramsey, in person, to motivate me like crazy before I faced this challenge. I am not good at staying at home. I am not good at sticking to the budget. And these are the things that got us in the situation in the first place. I am changing my ways, people. Changing my ways.

So, the plan, lots of cleaning. My house desperately needs a good cleaning. I am making it happen this week. Lots of walks and Tae Bo. So not only am I setting a goal of no gasoline, I am also setting a goal of at least losing one pound this week, so that I can say good-bye to those last few baby pounds once and for all. And of course, lots of hanging out with Ada. Just hanging out and playing and being together. And naps. Hopefully lots of naps. Our cupboards are stocked, I have lots on my to do list, and I certainly wouldn't call this suffering, so here goes. My first test. I can do this!!

So do I recommend Dave Ramsey LIVE? For sure. It is quite the motivating experience. We are so thankful that we got to go. God has given us such gracious friends. Thanks a million guys!!


Lamm said...

I bet Dave was great live. We have his DVDs and actually watched them the whole way through. I thought he was quite humorous as well! Definitely motivates you to do the "right" thing with your money. Keith and I have a weekly budget meeting each Thursday night, so if our budget needs tweaking, we do so then as a team. It has already made our spending habits change for the better! Still hope to see you soon. Good luck with everything!

Lamm said...

Hey Girl! I don't mind at all, if you add me to your blog list. Aldi is on Stockbridge Hwy/138 down by the old Walmart and Food Depot is a mile or two down from our house towards Conyers. I can start picking up an extra Sunday pack of papers for you--it will give us an excuse to see each other! :) Maybe Knox and I will stop by tomorrow after our errands in SuperTarget shopping center. I assume from your blog, that you'll be at home. ;) I'll call first to make sure we don't interrupt nap-time.

Amy said...

I need advice on how to track spending on a budget. I have come up with a set 'budget', but I have no clue how to track it. (as you can imagine- we haven't done so great 'sticking to the budget') I'm going to blog about this and maybe you could give me some pointers.