Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Life as a working mom...sort of

Well, the tutoring started this week, and it has been quite the adjustment. Scott and I feel like we are running a relay race. He gets home from work, and I pass him the Ada baton as he passes me the work baton. I try to have dinner in the oven when he gets home, I then go for a quick run to get some fresh air before sitting in front of the computer for four hours, and he begins Ada duty and all that it entails. After running, I shower, and plant myself in front of the computer for the rest of the night. Scott gets dinner out of the oven and brings me a plate to eat while I tutor. He does bath and bed duty as well as most of the kitchen clean up. He always brings Ada to see me for a little while before he puts her to bed. Then at 9:30ish, depending on the current tutoring session, I am done for the night, and we finally sit down together to enjoy some mutal down time. It is exhausting, but so encouraging to know that extra money is now coming in. And, praise God, I am able to work and stay at home with Ada. We can't describe how thankful we are.

Next week I will be adding some in-home tutoring to the mix, which I am even more excited about. I love the thought about an actual student, an actual personality, not just words on the screen. Plus in-home tutoring pays quite a bit more than online tutoring. So of course we are thankful for that. It is quite the juggle for us right now, but it is just a season, and we are thankful for this season. Plus it has been very fun for me to begin to talk English again, with students. Real students, writing essays. I love it.

p.s. we switched the menu around and had the zucchini pie tonight. We loved it. Another hit from Pillsbury. We thought it was heavy enough for the main dish. So yummy.

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Milla said...

Oh LB I am so happy for you! That sounds just wonderful... tutoring in the evenings, and some tutoring in your home. What a great combination for while Ada is little. I want to hear more about what kind of work you're doing online - is it editing student papers? Thanks for the update!