Sunday, September 7, 2008

Live from Auburn

I am very unexpectedly blogging from Auburn tonight. This morning I got a text message telling me that my best friend's water had broken, and she was definitely in labor--a week early. So, after my interview today, I made sure that Ada and Scott would be okay without me, and I headed to Auburn to meet little Harper Hendrix face to face. Her parents aren't more than newlyweds themselves, and now they are new parents, and all are doing very well. There is nothing like the sight of a newborn baby. And the smell of that skin. It's Heaven. I wanted to stay in that hospital room all night soaking up the newborness of it all, but I decided to let mom and baby get some rest, and I will visit once more tomorrow before I head back to Atlanta. I am now getting in a nice visit with my younger sisters and playing the role of college student once again. I even had vanilla chai tonight. The town is still buzzing in the aftermath of the game, and I am glad to get to be a small part of the hoopla. Oh how I love this town. Oh how I hope that Ada loves it as much I do.

As for today's interview, it went very well. I immediately bonded with the woman interviewing me, and we ended up sitting in Starbucks talking like old friends, discussing everything from education to theology. It was clear the Lord's hand was in it at all, but was there ever a question about that? I don't know yet how many hours I will get every week, but hopefully it will be enough to get that emergency fund going and the debt snowball rolling. I'll keep you posted. I know you are all sitting on the edge of your seats waiting to hear the minute details of my day to day;)

It has been quite the exciting Saturday, though the unexpected treck to Auburn has decreased the rest of the month's grocery budget to nearly nothing. I will be getting creative like never before.


Amanda said...

Yeah for Amy and I love the name Harper. So glad you got to be in Auburn for a visit and double yay for your great interview. The Lord always provides :)

Milla said...

So, so fun to be in Auburn in the fall. And, congrats to Amy! Keep us updated on the tutoring. It's great that you hit it off so well...