Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tucked into the house on this gray, gray day

There is something about gray clouds on the horizon and the hint of drizzle that comforts me these days. Lately I am really praying that the Lord give me a heart for being at home. I mean that literally. Not like, give me a heart for being a stay at home mom, but give me heart for just staying put during the day. Not having to be on the go just to get through the long hours of the day. I am praying that I would be content to just go through the daily routine and not have to constantly be thinking of things to do outside of the home. I want to find joy and peace and purpose in my home. I want to learn how to thrive with Ada underfoot. I want to not be frustrated when my cleaning efforts are slowed because Ada thinks it is fun to unfold all of the folded clothes. I just want to relax and enjoy being at home with Ada who will only be small for such a short, short time. Just yesterday she looked like this,
and now she is walking and dancing and giggling and becoming a little girl, so I want to learn to love being at home with her doing the housewife and mom thing and just be happy at home as so many women I know or read about have learned to do.

The gray clouds really help my effort. When there is drizzle outside (or a downpour, whatever) and the skies are gray and the house is a little bit darker than usual because of a lack of sunshine, I find it cozy and comfortable to stay at home doing nothing put cooking and cleaning and probably at some point today, napping.


Lynn said...

I agree. I like to just stay at home on cloudy, rainy days and get caught up on things. I think we all struggle with what you are going through. Sometimes it is hard to just be content with being at home.

Jessica Morris said...

I am going through this too!
I enjoy staying home, but want to thrive!
I enjoy reading about others thoughts on the matter!