Thursday, July 29, 2010

Headed Out

I'm loading these two stinkers into the car and heading out of here early tomorrow morning.  Yes, you guessed it, back to Alabama we go.  It is a sort of last minute trip.

You see, for weeks now it's been, we're going, we're not going, we're going, we're not going.  And then a couple of days ago my Friday tutoring student rescheduled to next week, and I got the word that Sarah will be home from New Orleans, and Kate will be in town, and Ann (who, have you heard?, is pregnant with her FOURTH!!!  There is nothing like the excitement of brand new life!!) will of course be there, since she lives there, and the original reason for going was for a baby shower for Esther Bratton's little Charlotte (due to arrive very, very soon)

We're going.

And that's where we'll be 'til Monday.

Happy weekend, everyone!!!


Laura Forman said...

okay, so i should take that same picture, jack is pulling sadie's hair all day long and he can really get a good chunk of it too! you have fun in alabama and have a good time catching up with your sisters! :) by the way, how has john been sleeping? sadie has been doing great! thanks for your pr'yers!

Rose said...

Alabama bound hope it's a good trip.

Mary said...

Have a GREAT time, Laura Beth!!