Tuesday, October 26, 2010

John Thomas

This little guy was baptized this past weekend.  And he did great!!  I was worried that he would have one of his breath-holding spells when the water hit his head, but he didn't even flinch!!  Sadly, just at the moment in the service when Matthew (our pastor) began to explain the sacrament of baptism, Ada started jumping around saying that she had to go to the bathroom.  I tried to brush her off, but she insisted, so I asked Edna (Scott's mom) to take her, and Edna and Ada both ended up missing the actual baptism.  BUMMER!!!  And I was so busy watching the door to see if Edna was going to make it back in time, that I almost missed hearing what Matthew was saying.  But...he got baptized, and it was special, despite the mishaps.

Scott's parents were in town for the event, and after church we went to lunch at a restaurant on the square.  At lunch John had one of his worst breath-holding spells yet, which involved my sticking my hand down his throat just to make sure he wasn't choking on an actual object.  It was awful.  I think he just wanted to make the day memorable;)  I will be one happy mama when he outgrows the breath-holding.  They seem to get worse as he gets older (and more strong-willed?)

It was a beautiful day--beautiful weather.  And the baptism was such a reminder of what I am praying for John and for Ada and for any other children the Lord chooses to give us and even for generations to come.

Little John, you are so dependent on me now.  You love to nurse and to cuddle and to be with me, immediately crying if you see me and can't get to me, but I know that I will blink, I will blink, and you will be a big, strong man.  The years will fly by; I know that they will.  And so I start now to pray, oh I pray, that you would Know God.  That you would love Him and His word.  That you would cling to His gospel.  I pray that you would love righteousness and hate wickedness.  That you will always delight to do God's will, and that God will work in you what is pleasing to Him.

This is what I cry out to God for (quoting R.C. Sproul Jr. from his When You Rise Up),

"If you are like me, you long to see your children exceed you in holiness.  You want your grandchildren to do still better.  If you're like me, you look for progressive familial sanctification, one generation standing on the shoulders of the previous generation and seeing further into the consummation of the kingdom...we start with the Bible and go from there, learning evermore of who God is, of what he has done, and of what he requires of us," (96).

On Sunday, I wore a bracelet that belonged to my maternal Grandmother.  I slipped it on Sunday morning because I wanted a reminder of the generations before me and the generations to come, and I thought of the words that I typed above--of one generation standing on the shoulders of the previous generation.  I pray that John will not only long to know God more and more, but that he will also long for the generations after him to know God more and more. 

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Elizabeth said...

John is too too adorable. I can't stop looking at these pictures. Where did you get the outfit? Ada is adorable too, but the focus is on John and I haven't gotten to be with him as much.