Friday, October 1, 2010

My Friday and Stopping By for a Quick Hello

oh, little blog, I have been away for too long.

This week has been busy and so full of daily stuff, that I have neglected my little corner--my getaway spot.

Now my mom is here for a couple of days, and I am busy hanging out with her.  Today we even made a quick trip into Atlanta to visit Trader Joe's.  We were walking distance from the apartment where Scott and I first lived as a married couple just a few years ago.  After Trader Joe's, we were sitting outside of Starbucks while I nursed John (discreetly), and we were across the street from the Grady High School football field and track where Scott and I often ran during our time in midtown.  We would run there from our apartment.  I thought about that self that was running around that track, and I know she would have been shocked if back then I could have told her, "look across the street at the Starbucks, you will blink and you will be sitting there nursing your second baby..." How could I have known how quickly things would change?  Whenever I am in that part of town, nostalgia nearly overwhelms me.  The memories of that brief moment in time are sometimes hard for me to believe.   It often seems as if those months didn't exist until I am back in that place, and I can feel the way it felt to be newly married and living in that new city.  But, alas, I now have my dear, precious, and exhausting Ada and John.

And now I am going to steal pictures from my mom so that this post won't only be words....

 Chick-fil-a before heading into the city.

 Ada and mom while "skyping" with Kate.  My first skype experience, by the way.

 John-John (what we affectionately call him) on my hip, his second favorite place to be.
 more skyping.  Side note--I am hoping that by November, I will be able to say that my entire downstairs is painted.  And this includes repainting the dining play room a chocolately/mocha brown color.

 And more pictures from Chick-fil-a.  John was a trooper today, and we found out this morning that the EEG results are normal...Praise the Lord!!
And that was our day, a nice break from the norm...happy weekend!!


Lindsay said...

I know y'all are so relieved to get those EEG results! So grateful he's ok!

Jessica said...

so glad to hear that his EEG came back normal! Hooray! So glad you've had a day "away." Sounds fun and rejuvenating!!

shannon said...

How old was Ada when you bought a bike for her? Also, I think you need to threaten her with sending her to Mr. Schrute's Sesame Avenue Day Care when she misbehaves during school!:-):-)

Rose said...

it's great to spend time with your mother and children. when we go back to our old stomping grounds, you can't help think of the past. take care rose

Mary said...

So glad you got those normal rsults back, even though you knew that's what they'd be, I'm sure it's a relief! (I had to laugh that you slipped in that you were nursing "discretely" crack me up!!!) : ))