Sunday, October 10, 2010

Slight Ada Crisis

We are having a slight crisis tonight.  (crisis to a three year old, I mean)

Scott and I were in charge of children's church this morning, and I took Ada's American Girl Bitty Baby doll as a "prop" of sorts.  The story was about Jesus healing the leper, and I put band-aids all over Bitty Baby and after Jesus healed the leper, the preschoolers got to take all of the band-aids off of the doll--anyway, you get where I was going with that.  Well...during tonight's bed time routine, Scott and I realized that Bitty Baby is still sitting in the children's room at church, right where we left her this morning.

Bitty Baby's usual spot is in a doll bed in Ada's room, and we were crossing our fingers that Ada wouldn't notice she was gone. 

She noticed.

I think that Ada is genuinely worried about Bitty Baby, as if the doll is real.  I mean, you can imagine how that feels to a three year old.  She asked me where she was, and church was certainly not a sufficient answer.  So I told her that the doll was probably in the nursery, and that there is a baby bed in the nursery, so Clementine (what Ada calls the doll) has a comfortable place to sleep.  Then Ada asked if there was anyone there to take care of her, and I 100% lied to her and said, yes!!  There is definitely someone to take care of her.  Then she asked if Mrs. Kelli or Mrs. Jessica was taking care of her, and again, I lied and said, Mrs. Jessica.  I mean, I just wanted Ada not to feel so awful about the situation, you know? 

Well...after many tears and by tears, I mean her eyes are swollen from all of the crying, and we even prayed that Ada would have peace and be able to sleep and help her to know that Clementine was safe, I finally just rocked her and rocked her and rocked her until she fell asleep, which has happened maybe once before. 

Ada was a total babywise baby, so I didn't rock her to sleep as a baby (sad). 

Oh man, I cannot wait to get that doll back in our arms tomorrow.  And perhaps it has taught this scatterbrained mama to be a little more careful with Ada's things (especially the costlier ones!!).

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joy said...

oh man this sounds JUST LIKE stuff we go through! thanks for sharing!! oh and if it ever happens again you can just tell her that church is Gods house and that she has the best person ever caring for her Clementine and that is Jesus!! just like he cares for ada and maybe when Clementine comes back she can tell her what it was like for Jesus to take care of her. ANd i do believe that God was caring for that little girls' baby doll!
hahaha its been a long time since you got into my head like that & remembered what a VIVID imagination we both had back in the day!!