Friday, October 29, 2010

My little ballerina on her first day of class


Elizabeth said...

I just talked with you and I had not seen this! So adorable. I need to get this download this picture and one of Ellie in her ballet togs and get them in a frame. So adorable. I need to also resurrection some of you and Ann in you ballet clothes, too. MOM

Mary Ann said...

Too adorable. I could eat her up.

Mary Ann

Elizabeth said...

Whoa! I just saw that on my comment I said resurrection instead of resurrect! What is that about? Wish we could edit our comments once they are up there.

Still love the pictures of Ada and was looking to see who else had commented. Of course it's my sister.


Ann said...

I didn't know she was taking ballet! So cute. We will miss ya'll tonight!