Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I keep saying that I am busy, so busy, and unable to update the blog as often as I would like.  But then, I think, what am I busy with?  There's not much going on.  But there is much going on, so much...

 We are busy eating breakfast early on Sunday morning--Bananas for Ada, Bananas for John.

 And then later, attempting to get a photo with the kiddos when we are all actually out of our pajamas and play clothes.

 And very busy enjoying this amazing fall weather!!  This is our neighbor, whom Ada begs to play with on a daily basis.

 Fall weather that beckons us out of our house for long walks around the neighborhood.  Ada insists that it is not cold enough for pants, but definitely cold enough for a hat.
 Busy as little bees;) with school, of course.

 Busy searching for the little bs and the BIG Bs in the week's poem.
 Found one!!
 Busy finalizing paint colors for all rooms downstairs!!  And mom has said she will come help me paint in a few weeks.

 And busy being thankful for the train and praise baby on a day when daddy works late and I need to get dinner ready.
And that is our day-to-day


Mary Ann said...

I love this blog post and all the pictures.

Mary Ann

Elizabeth said...

I love this blogpost, too - and I like that you have the color swatches up on the wall and glad that you found the ones you truly like. I will be there - and how much was one gallon of paint? Do you know?


Rose said...

the photos of the children are precious. they look like they are having a great time. rose

Jess said...

I love the pic of Ada with the hat, drink, and stroller...she looks so Mommy-ish!

Sarah Garner said...

I love the paint colors! Did you decide? We live around the corner from your old church in Decatur and I think about you guys every time I pass it. Miss you!

Mary said...

love your paint choices! And I LOVE the picture with the hat on! She is so stinking adorable!!