Thursday, October 21, 2010


I am feeling much, much better, but I am now dealing with the aftermath of being down and out for a few days.

You know, sanitizing this germ infested house, rescheduling tutoring sessions that I missed while sick, and praying, praying, praying that John doesn't get sick, etc. etc.  At the same time I am trying to make sense of the millions of piles of baby clothes that I have lying around as John keeps outgrowing things left and right.  I still haven't dealt with 0-3 months and he's wearing 12-18 months.  Piles are everywhere.  Not to mention making the seasonal clothing switch.  Ahhhh---OVERWHELMED.  But, I am chipping away at the tasks.

Plus, we have a busy weekend ahead.

Scott's parents are coming into town for John's baptism, and Ada is thrilled.  John would be thrilled if he ever got thrilled about anything;)  Actually, he has started laughing out loud if Scott or I tickle his ribs, so that's major improvement for my little melancholy, breath-holding baby.  Who, by the way, is on the verge of pulling up.  I can tell he's dying to.  He gets himself up on his knees, but he hasn't worked up the courage/effort required to pull all the way up.  Big boy.

Okay, just wanted to give my blog a little attention.

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Rose said...

sorry you haven't well. sounds like John is growing fast. it seems that babies grow so fast that alot of their new items will never be worn. try to space yourself with what you have to do otherwise you will frustrated and get sick. it's fun to watch children to do more activities as they get older. take care. rose