Sunday, October 17, 2010

Strange Day

As I was going to bed last night, I realized that I was getting the throat thing that Ada has had all week.  So...this morning, Scott took Ada and John to church, and I stayed in bed until noon!!!  (CRAZY).  I did get up long enough to pick out clothes for Ada and John and brush Ada's hair.  There is no telling how Scott would have dressed them for church.

Feeling sick was disappointing for so many reasons.  I hate to miss church because, one. I like the corporate worship, and two. I like the fellowship.  But I was also disappointed because I had planned to go to Perimeter Mall this afternoon because I have a Anthropologie gift card burning a hole in my pocket.  (Thank you, mom and Ann!!!).  I had even worked very hard to pump some milk, using my measly little manual pump, and I was crossing my fingers that John would drink the milk out of a sippy cup.  I tested the sippy cup earlier in the week using apple juice, which he loved, so I was hoping he would also take milk from a sippy cup. 

Well, Scott and I evaluated the situation, and I decided to head to the mall despite not feeling well.  So, off I went, all alone, headed to the mall to shop at Anthropologie.  You can see why this was a strange situation for me.  Alone.  Shop.  Anthropologie.  What?!!!

So, I got to Anthropologie and headed straight to the sale section with hopes of making the gift card stretch as far as possible, and here is what I found.

I don't think this picture does the sweater justice.  I really love it in person. 

I tried on lots of other clothing, but I wasn't finding anything else that worked.  They didn't have much in my size in the sale section.  So I headed to the home section.  There I bought these

I plan to hang these in John's room, and I am so excited to have them because I think it will make his room look much more complete.  I also purchased a candle with a M monogram to go in our downstairs guest bathroom.  It was marked down from 26.00 to 4.00.  Yes, even at Anthropologie I am finding deals!! And guess what, I have almost 30.00 left on the gift card.  I think I can easily find a sale shirt for not much more than that. 

Okay, at that point, I called home to see how things were going, and Scott said good, so I decided to browse through Forever 21 for a bit, since I am never near a Forever 21.  And this is when things got really crazy.  I tried on and bought a pair of skinny jeans!!!  I can't believe I did this.  The only reason that I bought them is because they were only 9.50.  And I want a pair of jeans to wear tucked into boots.  I will only wear the skinny jeans with a tunic type shirt that very much covers the rear end area.  I'm just saying.  I mean, 9.50.  Really.  And by the way, Scott informed me that he doesn't like the jeans in boots look.  Oh well.

Here are the jeans, and, by the way, my legs do not look this skinny in the skinny jeans.  (side note--thanks for the blue jean feed back.  Obviously this jean purchase was based on price not on recommendation)

Now, in the midst of deciding whether or not to buy the jeans (for 9.50), I called home to get Scott's input, and I found out that John refused to drink the milk out of the sippy cup.  Come on, John.  8 months, and we have never been apart for more than 3 hours.  Cut me some slack, buddy.  So, I hurried my way through the check out process and headed home, slightly panicked that John was going to freak out when he realized that I was not there.  (no worries, Scott fed him two jars of baby food and he was fine.  He did start crying as soon as I walked in the door, but he often starts crying when he sees me.  I have that effect on him.  Who knows).

So, overall, it was a very strange day.  And now, at 9:00, I am about to go to bed because I still don't feel well, and I think sleep is the best solution.

By the way, I would love some advice on getting John to drink milk from a sippy cup.  I know that I prayed that he would nurse, but at some point in his life I do plan to wean him, and I don't want to wait until that point to introduce the sippy cup.  And I would love to have another option other than me to give him milk.  Thoughts?  Suggestions?


shannon said...

I am envious of your day! Your purchases sound so fun! But sorry you don't feel well. Love the cards for John's room - I'm itching to redo Tripp's room. I wish I had some advice for the sippee cup - good luck!

Kathy said...

These are the only sippy cups my son would use for MONTHS:

(you can find them at target)
We had the opposite problem though... my son refused both me and then the bottle by 9 mos so we HAD to find something he would use, and he loved these. Good luck!

Ann said...

Love your purchases. I can't believe you bought skinny jeans, but I know you will make it look cute. I am about to desperately get online and try to find those alphabet cards or call Anthropologie in H'ville to see if they have them. I have wanted something like that for awhile for the playroom. Can I be a copycat?

I'm so excited about that book. I have about 3 other books I am trying to get through right now. And you know, it takes me like a month to get through one. But I will be eager for the encouragement. Also, do you do any catechisms with Ada?

The Noonan's said...

You're so fashionable and always cute!

About the cup - I could get my kids to drink from a plastic straw cup before they would drink out of a tip up and drink. I think it was partly because they had ear troubles and partly because it was the same head motion as breastfeeding - head down rather than tipped back. Not sure if my theories work but maybe try a straw/plastic tip sippy cup that doesn't require him to tilt his head back.

Sara said...

Yay for a fun day! I'm curious to see what sippy cup feedback you get... we're closing in on 13 months, and Jack still doesn't really drink from one. Oh well. I suppose he'll do it when he has to, right? Oh, and I can also relate to the crying thing. He NEVER cries in the nursery... until the moment I walk in to pick him up. Nice :)

Mary said...

I love the cardigan !!!

The Slagleys said...

I know I am a little behind, but I love Forever 21 skinny jeans! That is what I have because they are so cheap, but they are great! I am sure you look so cute in them!