Thursday, February 17, 2011

"Big" News

Guess who started drinking out of a sippy cup yesterday?  And by drinking, I mean more than a couple of sips.  For two days in a row, John has finished an entire sippy cup of milk.  A huge step in the right direction!!  We're getting there.

And, by the way, are you loving this weather as much as we are?  This week we have used our double stroller twice, which is more than we have ever used it. 

p.s. Ada requested that I take that first picture, and that was the pose that she chose. 


Jane said...

Yes I have been enjoying this weather,it's really great! And drinking from a sippy cup is wonderful. Blessings jane

Elizabeth said...

Okay the "Big News" title startled me. I figured you would have told me if you were pregnant or if ya'll were moving -or had won the lottery -

I love the pose Ada chose and I love John's smile in the middle picture. So cute. I still love Ada's hair.

So grateful for this weather.