Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!

How we celebrated last year...

Valentine's Day marks a year since we brought John home!!!

And here we are a year later...

We made Valentine's cards for the cousins.  Though Ada, in all of her selflessness, refused to use pink or red because she didn't want to give up her pink and red construction paper.

And on Saturday night, Scott took us all to Dunkin Donuts where Ada celebrated the holiday with a heart shaped, pink iced, heart sprinkled, cream filled donut.  She wanted to eat the entire thing, but I insisted that we cut it in half.  (I was still a bit horrified that she was putting all of that into her tiny little body).  John also celebrated by tasting Scott's donut.  He LOVED it.

And that's about it for us.  I told Scott that back in college when I was single that on Valentine's Day I used to wish that I was going on a date with my husband.  Now I am married, and I am still wishing for a date with my husband;)  (Not that Scott isn't willing to take me on a date; it's just not in the cards these days).  But I am so very thankful for my husband and "this life I've found."  It's not what I imagined--how could I have imagined it?--but it's so comfortable and safe and familiar, and I love that.  And, if I was able to go on a fancy, romantic date tonight, Scott would certainly be my choice for a date.  One day, Scott, one day.

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