Wednesday, February 9, 2011

You Know How I love a Good Deal?

Well, today might be the best deal yet!!  (Who knows, there have been so many.  Thank you, Lord!!!)

Let me start at the beginning--as if I would start anywhere else and actually spare you a few details.  This morning as I was getting Ada dressed, I was frustrated by the fact that all of her winter clothes seem to be too small.  Her stomach and ankles seem to be showing a lot lately.  Desperate for something to put on her, I began to search through last year's box of 2T clothes, where I came up with a shirt that would be long enough to cover her stomach, though the sleeves were a little short, and I announced to the kiddos that we were headed to Target where I was praying (literally) that we would find some serious deals.  Target has been known to mark things down to as low as a dollar, and I was hoping we might find something like that. 

We didn't.  The sales weren't that great, and I didn't really love the items that were on sale (and still more than I wanted to pay for Target quality clothing).  I decided to skip buying anything there, and we headed home.

(Ada in Target saying, "I'm a rockstar!!!"  She says this all the time, but I am not sure where she heard it)

And sleepy John-John, wanting to get OUT. OF. THERE.

In the same shopping center as Target, we have a Belk, which I never ever go in.  But as I passed the store, feeling discouraged by our lack of purchases and the fact that Ada still had no clothes that fit, a voice in my head "suggested" that I try Belk.  (A voice?  Perhaps God directing my steps?  I think so).  So, in we went, and we hit the jack pot.  Let me show you.

18.54 is what I spent.  115.67 is what I saved!!!!!!

Crazy, right?

All of the winter stuff is on clearance, plus another 40% off the clearance price.  I loaded up on J. Kahki cotton dresses in size 4T so that Ada can wear them next year too.  I plan to just roll the sleeves this winter.  (I hated to buy something she couldn't wear next year this late in the season).  I am tempted to go back because the deals are so good, and they had some cute Christmas themed dresses and shirts.  I would love to get a few of those for next year (I passed on those because, obviously, they aren't a need right now). 

Look at our "loot"

(Ada loves the dresses because they are very "twirly")

Originally 22.00, each of these dresses cost only 2.99!!!  Again, crazy!!!  And the shirts, originally 15.00, were less than 2.00 each.

And there is the story of what happened when I half-heartedly wandered into Belk this morning.


Lauren said...

I love deals like that! I stopped in Target a few weeks ago and found a ton of stuff for Noah but very little for Olivia. I love Belks!! I think both Belk and Kohls have the best sale prices. Glad you found such great deals!

shannon said...

Awesome! Too bad they have such a horrible selection in little boys clothes. I've been really trying to coupon more and it's stressing me out! Do you ever feel like you HAVE to purchase something just because it's on sale? I DO & I think I'm spending more now than I did before! AAAHH!! Any tips?

Calis said...

You may want to put Belk on your list to visit every now and then... especially near the end of a season. My step-mother finds AMAZING deals there ALL. THE. TIME.
Congrats on the great finds!

Elizabeth said...

Love it, Laura Beth!!! Other thought - this time last year you in your 2nd day at the hospital and visiting John in NICU! Again, aren't we grateful that a year has passed and we are so blessed?

P.S. I never cry at blog posts and I cried this morning over the John post. I think because I'm never around him. I HAVE to come for a long visit.


Rose said...

cong. on your find. it's great children get older but when they grow, off to shopping . very cute photos of Ada. rose