Monday, February 7, 2011

Celebrating John

Here are a few images from our weekend with the "cousins."  Thank you, Barber crew, for making the trip and celebrating with us.  We loved having you here!!

First, because I believe that the first birthday is as much a celebration for mom as it is for baby (because the first year is wonderful, but HARD, and I believing in celebrating the fact that WE DID IT), I requested that we eat at my favorite Mexican restaurant. I LOVE mexican food, so I was very excited about this. And John ate his fair share of beans, so he enjoyed it as well.

Back at the house we continued the celebration with cake and gifts.  The candle that you see in John's "smash" cake was, we think, the candle that was in my first birthday cake (we know it was in one of mom's daughters' first birthday cakes).  By the way, I do not enjoy the first birthday smashing of the cake.  For both Ada and John, Scott has encouraged me to do it, but the mess is too much for me (and I am not afraid of mess, usually), so if the Lord gives us another child, I think I will skip that. 

After a few bites of cake, I quickly got John in the tub and things cleaned up, and he was soon sleeping soundly in his bed before he could even play with his gifts (a new fridge farm, a new book, some sippy cups to encourage weaning, and another toy). 

And just a few more images from the weekend.

It was a fun, but tiring weekend.  My daughter is not at her best these days.  I love her so much, and I love who she is becoming, but I don't love this third year.  It's TOUGH.  She cries a lot and is scared a lot and disobedient a lot and not always kind or willing to share with her cousins and I could probably keep going.  I find myself praying for wisdom constantly.  So thanks for putting up with us, cuzzes, and I apologize on Ada's behalf for any behavior that was a bit trying.

Okay, I have much, much, much more to say about John and this first year with him, but I will save that for tomorrow. 

And just for fun, Ann and me on my first birthday. 

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