Saturday, November 12, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Unexpected

So, I know it's Saturday, but I am jumping onto the five minute Friday bandwagon anyway.


It's unexpected, really, how this small, south of Atlanta town, is really beginning to feel like home.

This, I moved here kicking and screaming because it was so far from my beloved midtown and Highlands place, seems to fit me to a T more and more everyday.

And, it's especially unexpected how much this tiny rental house seems to envelop my family in a way that no other house has.  

Could it be, perhaps, that God's plans, though always unexpected, always make the most sense in the end?

Could it be, that it's really true, always, that he is working everything together for my good.  Even when it feels so much the opposite of good.  He's working it out.  Always.


katerhodes1 said...

i like this... and so agree.

Jessica said...


Mary said...

yes! said...

He is always working things together for my good! Seems I am always asking Him, are you sure about this? It doesn't feel right. Then when it finally comes together... I get it! My life would be much easier if I just trusted from the beginning!

I am so glad you are finding peace and feeling at home!