Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Tree

so I had big plans this year to make a Thanksgiving tree at the beginning of the season, and then add a leaf with something we are thankful for each day.  But, the best laid plans... you know.

However, I was determined to get that Thanksgiving tree done, so today, with one day left, we did it, by golly.  The Thanksgiving tree is done.

In the midst of "crafting," Ada requested a silly picture

And what is Ada thankful for, you may be asking?

Just a few highlights...

--clouds.  Because they are puffy and get us rain.
--Lucy.  Because her daddy got a new job.
--paper.  Because we get to draw on it.
--Mrs. Jessica, "your friend."  Because Mr. John got three jobs.  (can you tell that the economy has affected our prayers?  And that Ada is always listening.  John has recently started a new business where he waterproofs crawl spaces, so "getting three jobs," means he sold three separate jobs.)
--rain.  Because it makes the plants grow.

As you can see, Ada is thankful for friends whose fathers received new jobs, but she didn't want to add Scott's new job to her leaves.  Believe me, I asked, because I am certainly thankful for Scott's job this Thanksgiving!! 

I am also very thankful that John seems to be turning a slight corner in his eating habits.  He has eaten a greater quantity of food in the past few days, and he has a new love for fruit.  He can't get enough.  All kinds of fruit--blueberries, raspberries, banana, tangerines, pears, and I think that is all he has tried so far, since he decided that he does like fruit, I mean.  (I am very allergic to apples, so I am hesitant to give it to my kids, though they do eat it from time to time).

Okay, I am now back, several hours later to finish this post, and I have to add another thankful--

that Scott got home today at 3:30!!!  I was so surprised when he walked in, and I am always thrilled for him to arrive home early.  Happy Thanksgiving to us.  We celebrated by using a B1G1 coupon at Moe's, which fed the whole family, and I didn't have to cook--woo-hoo!!!

In the morning we are headed to Chattanooga to have Thanksgiving lunch with my family, minus Sarah and Kate (actually, Kate might be there, I am not sure), at the Back Inn Cafe in Chattanooga's art district.  My mom actually cooked a Thanksgiving meal a few weeks ago because Sarah isn't able to be home for actual Thanksgiving day.  And since Chattanooga is a reasonable drive for us, that is our plan for tomorrow.  We are headed out bright and early, as we assume that traffic will be a bit insane. 

So...that sums up our Thanksgiving Holiday.  How about you?  Big Turkey Day plans?  Anyone headed out for Black Friday deals?  I have become a wimp about Black Friday, and I prefer to stay cozy at home.  Plus, I haven't seen any "blow me away" deals over the past two Black Fridays.  Have you?

I am almost done with Ada and John's Christmas shopping though.  I snuck out tonight after dinner and purchased Ada's big gift--a princess bike.  Today was the last day I could use a 10.00 Target coupon, and, you know, 10.00 is 10.00, so I was sure to meet that deadline. 

I am now moving into the rambling on and on zone, so I will end here.

But, I must remind you, go here, browse through the precious items that you will find there, and order something!!!!

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