Sunday, November 27, 2011

I am 100% copying Jessica with this post.  Plus my friend, Mary, also suggested that I copy Jessica, so I am going with her suggestion ;) 

So, because everyone talks about how John looks just like Scott, (and I realize that, it's true, he does), I thought I would do a little John/Laura Beth comparison, to see if he has anything of mine other than my melancholy disposition;)  

so, there you go.  I realize that I am a bit younger in my pictures, but these are the only pictures I could find to steal off my mom's blog. 

By the way, I am just noticing the little potty in that last picture--looks like Ann was being potty trained.  John also spent a lot of time in the bathroom when Ada was being potty trained--see, a similarity.  Just kidding.

But seriously, do we look alike at all?  I need pictures of baby Scott on here for a true comparison, I guess.  I think that Scott was a leaner baby, so John has my chubbiness.  I love that body fat is what I have passed on to my children;)  I'm infamous in my family for the doctor's remark about me as a baby--"remarkable weight gain."  Hmmm...seems like I remember that the doctor said the same thing to me when I was pregnant with Ada.  Just kidding again. 

Okay, off to do Sunday, get ready for Monday, type things. 

(Will be back tomorrow to talk 31 Party again.  My party closes on Wednesday, so get to shopping)


Jessica said...

glad you stole my idea :) yes I see it too! I see you in John! So fun to see your baby pictures too! love it!

Laura Forman said...

I do see you a bit in John...but I do see Scott too....I can't wait to see his baby pictures! In the picture of you and Ann, I can totally see Andrew in Ann.

Amanda said...

I do think John looks more like Scott! You were such a cute baby! I need to do a comparison on my blog ha! BTW, Ann's kids look SOOO much like her. Can't get over it!

Mary said...

I can definitely see a similarity! Truly! Especially in the shape of the face. OK so now I am going to have to go dig up baby pictures and copy both of you! ; )

Jess said...

Sorry LB but to be honest, I just don't see it. I still think he mostly looks like Scott. But I love the baby pics!!!!