Thursday, November 10, 2011

Recipe Blog

Hey guys,

is anyone even still reading this poor, forgotten blog?

Anyway...Scott and I are trying to get our eating habits back on track, and we are using weight watchers as the means to do that.  I love weight watchers.  To me, it is just so balanced.  And sometimes, when life is C-R-A-Z-Y, my eating habits are anything but balanced--too much, too little (usually too much), so I am happy for weight watchers to do the thinking for me.

Anyway...on that note, I have discovered this website with great recipes and weight watchers points already calculated.  Love anything that lightens the load.

I thought I would pass it along.

And, by the way, Scott if you are reading this, (probably not because he is at work and his new job does not allow for personal computer time), the above link will tell you what we are having for dinner (spooned into fajita sized tortillas--2 pts. for the tortilla, if anyone is interested).

Okay, time to do a little "schooling..."


Laura Forman said...

I am reading!! Keep writing! :)

Jessica said...

me too!

Jess said...

me three.

Jess said...

me three

Mary said...

I'm reading too, and thanks for the website! I am trying desperately to get back on WW, and not doing a good job at all. My cooking is uninspired...maybe the website will help!!