Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Virtual Party

Well, in honor of Black Friday and to officially kick off the Christmas shopping season (as if Christmas shopping hasn't already begun!), I am hosting another Thiry-One gifts blog party.  Get excited.

If you will recall, back in the summer, I attempted to host an online party, and a few people ordered, but the party was rudely interrupted by a little thing called, "Scott losing his job."  But now that life is back on track, we are going to try this again ;)

If you are not familiar with the thirty-one product line, I urge you to check out the online catalog for yourself.  What you will find is a line of monogrammable bags, storage containers, lunch boxes, and various other gifts to suit any person or lifestyle.  Seriously--you will be able to find a great and personal Christmas gift for anyone on your gift list!!

I personally own the organizing utility tote (works perfectly as a diaper bag if you need a gift for a mom-to-be), the large utility tote (great for traveling, trips to the beach or pool, carrying sports gear, etc. etc.), and two thermal totes (we use both as lunch boxes, one for Ada, and one for the rest of us).  There are several other items that I have my eye on, and I hope to earn enough "credit" through this party to purchase a couple of new things for myself as well as for other people on my gift list.

Okay, now that we have covered the products, let me give you the details of how an online party works.  Follow this link, browse the online catalog, and then be sure to click on my name to order so that I receive credit for your order.  Remember that almost all of the products can be monogrammed, and there is a base price of 7.00.  Whether you do one letter or an entire name, 7.00 total. 

And if you spend a total of 31.00, you are eligible to buy one of five items for only 5.00.

You can choose from

the all-in-one organizer

The soft wallet

The Cinch sack

The zip-up pencil pouch

or the Flat Iron Case

So, you spend 31 dollars by going to this link, browsing the catalog, and ordering through my name, and you can order one of the above items for only 5.00!!  Each item comes in several different patterns, and, of course, can be monogrammed for 7.00.

So...get to shopping!!  And I will be back each day to remind you to shop ;)

p.s. My thirty-one consultant (and dear friend) is Kate Ford.  Feel free to call her if you have any problems ordering or have any questions about your order.  Her cell # is 410-474-0559.  Or, you can e-mail me at lbrmoore@gmail.com.  Thanks, guys!!!

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