Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekend Recap and a Good Deal

Look at me, blogging again ;)

I just wanted to post a few pics for the family--and anyone else who might be interested.

Saturday, which started out rather cold, ended up being mild enough to spend the afternoon at the park.  We have a park about two minutes from our house that is perfect for John.  One end is big enough for Ada to enjoy and the other end is small enough for John to enjoy without me having to constantly be by his side.  It's a win-win-win situation ;)

I know this is such a mom thing to say, but I feel like John is turning into a little boy right before my eyes.  But, of course, he still has so much baby in him.  I want to some how soak it up and enjoy it in the midst of the day-to-day stress.  If only someone could figure that one out, right?

Ada also loved the park.  When we tell her we are going to the park, you would think we had said Disney World, and I'll keep her thinking like that for as long as I can ;)  (on that note, I am starting to suspect that she thinks the Disney Store at Perimeter Mall is actually Disney World--we took her to that store one time last year, and if she ever talks about Disney World she reminds me of a "castle" that was inside the store.  Hmmm...I won't be correcting that thinking anytime soon)

(Ada has learned that she is supposed to smile for pictures, so this fake smile is her go-to look when the camera is on her).
On top of a fun afternoon at the park, I was able to sneak away for not one, but TWO, girls only events.  One Saturday morning with the women at church--a favorite things brunch, which I thought was such a cute idea!!  Everyone had to bring a favorite item under 10.00, and we did a little gift exchange.  The item could be anything from a cleaning item to make up to a favorite scent.  Are you following me?  I took a Bath and Body Works wall flower because, once I figured out how to correctly plug it in;) (which is not hard to figure out--only it was for me),  I have loved my wallflower.  The perfect amount of scent--not too overpowering.  I have salted caramel plugged in right now, and it smells so good that it makes me crave caramel popcorn (not a great side effect of that scent).

Then, on Saturday night, I had a mom's night out with the other moms from my CC (Classical Conversations) group.  That was a fun chance to get to know the other moms outside of the school setting, and with no children distracting us.  I crave time with other adult women now that I am a stay at home mom, and this weekend's events were much needed!!!

And we ended the weekend with haircuts for both of the children yesterday afternoon.  It was John's first "official" hair cut, other than my mom and Ann cutting it, so that's a milestone, right?  And it was Ada's first hair cut since she experienced her strange hair cut "phobia" last year, so a big event all around.  They both did GREAT, so much better than expected--probably because of the suckers they got to eat while getting it done.

Ada wasn't too thrilled about the hair dryer--she didn't say anything, but obviously I could tell by her face.  She doesn't like for the hair dryer to get too hot, and I am guessing it was too hot for her. Also, notice the teddy bear sticking out from under the cape.  She had her blanket with her too--anything to get the hair cut done.

So that was our weekend.  It was a good one.

And, I want to pass along a great deal on Christmas cards if you haven't ordered any yet.  Bloomspot is a daily deal sight, and they are offering 25.00 worth of Christmas cards for 10.00.  The Christmas cards are through Vistaprint, and I looked through all of the offered designs.  Be warned, there are some really tacky ones, but there also LOTS of really cute ones.  And, of course, if you sign up through me and order this deal, I will earn some, if you need Christmas cards, go for it ;)

Okay, off to do Monday type things...


Rachel said...

Your new camera is awesome!! I can't believe how crisp all the pictures are- I know you are loving it. If you happen to stumble upon a good camcorder.. please let me know :)

Mary Ann said...

The photos of Ada and John are indescribably cute. Thanks so much for posting them. I'm looking forward to seeing y'all in Ch'nooga on Thanksgiving Day.

Love you,
Mary Ann