Sunday, August 3, 2008

A very quick post

This is going to be a very quick post to share a little Scott story that has required me to remember my vows of, "for better and for worse." Currently, Scott and I are sleeping on a queen size bed with a double size mattress. When we moved, my parents gave us their old bed to go in our master bedroom, but we only have two mattress sets right now and both are double size. Well, we still haven't bought a queen size mattress for the bed, but it's working okay so far. (Not forever, though, Scott). Well, Scott's parents are in McDonough right now for Ada's birthday, and they brought a queen size air mattress for us to have for guests that come to visit. We have one guest bed right now, but there are definitely times that an extra bed would be nice. And obviously, an air mattress is a great solution for GUESTS. Well Scott, in all seriousness, tells me that he thinks that we should put the air mattress in our bed and put the double size mattress on our extra double size bed. I promise he was serious. Wow. This is when I have to remember that even when my husband thinks that an air mattress is a proper solution for our queen size bed, I have to choose to love him. Just joking, but seriously, an air mattress???

I love him, though, despite these things:)

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Lindsay said...

Yes, we have to love our men even in their bazaar money-saving ATTEMPTS to make a house a home.