Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas Toys

It ended up being a kitchen kind of Christmas. Dishes and cookies and vegetables to cut.
These kitchen items have been by far the biggest hit.
Well, that and the window markers from Ann. Oh my word. She loves the window markers.
And Bitty Baby? Well, she gets tucked in a lot. And she is sick a lot. And she requires lots of blankets. I am thinking that I should move her from Ada's room to downstairs. I have found that downstairs toys get played with much more than upstairs. And it looks like the "dining room" has officially become the play room. That wasn't the plan. It just happened, so I am going to embrace it.
There are other toys, of course. An Elmo suitcase that gets packed a lot and Curious George pajamas that she wants to wear every night, plus sidewalk chalk and some new, fun bath towels. These things are getting used as well. (The make up is in hiding, mom). I will post pictures of these things soon.


Milla said...

Oh wow!! These pictures are so cute... I loved loved loved my toy kitchen when I was little. I remember feeling like such a big girl. So cute!!

rhodes1 said...

Those toys made me want to start playing on Christmas morning!

ann said...

How cute! Can't wait to come play. I'm sure there will be a few fights to referee.

The shoes are from Target-$12.99.

Mary Ann said...

The pictures of Ada are so adorable. I love how she is in such deep concentration in all of them. Thanks for posting them.

Bethany said...

Great pics! It looks like Ada will be well prepared to learn how to cook! LOL! Caroline got the same cookie set and was so confused because "Ruth has them at her house." :) Miss you and can't wait to catch up soon!!!