Sunday, January 24, 2010

It's a Good Week for Coupons

I didn't make it to church this morning. I woke up not feeling normal, but I made it as far as the shower, where I got very sick. Sorry if that is way too much information. Scott and Ada, who were already dressed for church, were out picking up newspapers for me as I was sick in the shower. When they got back to pick me up, I sent them on without me, and I lay down on the couch. While there, I began to look through today's coupons.

Here's the deal. If you haven't started couponing yet, this week would be a great week to start. Kroger is having a mega sales event, where if you buy ten participating items, you automatically get 5.00 off with your Kroger plus card. This equals lots of cheap groceries after coupons.

What am I most excited about? Just using coupons from today's paper, so even if you have no coupons saved from past weeks, you can get Nabisco crackers (I will be buying wheat thins and whole wheat ritz) for .69 a box, French's mustard for .59 a bottle, and Kraft cheese for .49!!! I am stocking up on cheese. That's an amazing price!!

If you do have coupons from past weeks you can get Electrasol dishwashing tabs for .50 a box (find a 2.50 coupon in the 1/3 Smart Source) and Quaker granola bars for .99 (RP 1/3).

And with no coupons, you can still get great sales prices--goldfish for .88 a pack, Philadelphia cream cheese for .99, Mott's Apple Juice for 1.49 a bottle (I am happy when I can get it for less than 2.00 a bottle), and Tombstone Pizza for 2.50 a pizza (combine this with Fresh Express BOGO salad from Publix, and you have a complete meal).

And this is just a sampling of the deals to be found at Kroger this week. I am so excited.

I did a major grocery shop yesterday, where I spent about 140.00, but came home with 270.00 worth of groceries. I am focusing on stocking my fridge, freezer, and pantry before John is born, and I am definitely taking advantage of the Kroger sales this week to stock up even more.

Anyway, I don't blog about couponing as much as I used to because there are so many sites devoted just to couponing, and I would rather point readers to those sites, but I thought this week was worth mentioning. If you are still hesitating to start, and you have a Kroger near you, this is the week to buy the papers and cut the coupons.

And for more deals at both Kroger and Publix (and other stores too, including Wal-Mart) check out or, my go-to sales and coupon sources each week.


Ashley said...

I am with you, LB. I use SS exclusively, and I shop at Publix. Although, did you hear about last week's Kroger meat mania? I didn't know, but I WISH I had! They had some GREAT deals on meats. Anyway, last week, I did $101 at Publix for $45 with rebates/coupons/deals. This week, I aim to do $115 for $30. I have a spreadsheet where I try to estimate what I will be getting for what cost, less I get in there and be shocked at the total!

Keep us updated w/ John!!! Can't wait!!!

Bethany said...

Don't forget about the BEST coupon in this week's paper...the $4.00 Knox coupon! MAJOR overage at Publix! I stocked up on papers and plan on using these for some awesome deals! :)

I have a present for you and John (well, actually John);). Email me and let me know when I can drop it off. I miss you!!!

rhodes1 said...

Hey, the panels are pretty small. I would guess 4" x 8" and 8" x 8".

So obviously we don't have a kroger or publix here in Scottsboro, but I've been thinking about buying the book by couponmom so that I can be prepared when I get out of here. Might be a swagbucks purchase.

Jessica said...

I got fired from Kroger when I was 16, but I would still go there to use coupons!! (John, not Jessica)