Sunday, January 3, 2010

Final Christmas Post

These pictures are a bit scrambled...oh well, here goes.

Bitty Baby, the "Big" Christmas gift this year. So far, Bitty Baby has spent a lot of time sick in bed. At least that is what Ada tells us when we ask her if she wants to play with her. She always tells us in a tone that says the answer should be obvious, "She's sick. She has a feber."Okay, these are a few pictures from the Sunday when we were headed back to Atlanta. The kids were all hanging out waiting on lunch to be ready. Luke is showing Ada something on the computer.

still the pacie and blanket are in on the mix. And Buzz Lightyear. The pacie gets tossed on the third birthday. I dread that already.
Just one morning during the holidays--reading with Mary Ann. (mom's sister)
The scene at my parents' house on Christmas morning. This was after santa presents and breakfast out at Ann and Steven's house.
Ada opened make-up and promptly put finger nail polish on her face and hair. The make up is now in hiding.
Like I said, these are out of order. This is Ada and Andrew at Ann's earlier in the day, eating breakfast.
Sadly I have not one picture of opening "Santa gifts." I don't have a picture of the gifts under the tree. Nothing. But there are enough pictures from the week to remember Christmas '09, I think. And that concludes the Christmas blogging.


Jenny said...

We thought getting rid of the paci would be a big deal, too. Andrew was almost 3. We simply 'broke' it, i.e. cut the bulb, and told Andrew it was broken and to go throw it in the trash. And he did, and hasn't looked back. He asked about it once or twice, and we just reminded him that it broke and he threw it away...
Hope it goes easy for you!

rhodes1 said...

Did Ann not have pictures of the santa clause presents?

Milla said...

Hey LB!! I just loved your Christmas posts... Ada is so grown up and such a beautiful little girl. I so look forward to Christmases once we have Children. It's just so magical and fun!! Glad you guys are doing well!