Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Well, they did not check me when I went to the doctor today. Progress? I don't know.

They told me they will start checking me next week. And they tell me I will have the baby around the same time that I had Ada.

So...I am sitting tight.

This means I have, um? 2 1/2 more weeks? Give or take a few days. That is plenty of time to clean and re-clean and re-clean again.

In the mean time, I received an e-mail today telling me that John is the size of a watermelon. All I could picture was a huge summer watermelon, and it made me laugh. He feels like a watermelon as I waddle from here to there (mostly the bathroom every five minutes).

While I wait, I am still doing the daily things--cooking dinner and tripping over toys and answering lots of why's and what's that as Ada is blissfully unaware that our days should be any different. I think at this point in my Ada pregnancy, I was taking it easy. I certainly wasn't cooking dinner every night. But a two year old has to eat. As does a 28 year old husband. And for that matter, I am fairly hungry at the end of everyday.

Yesterday I had a special day with Ada. I have been so focused on cleaning, that I haven't given her much undivided attention lately. So after the library, we shared lunch at Zaxby's, and we had a little "John is on the way," talk. She stared at me so hard as I said, "In a few weeks, I will go the doctor and the doctor will take John out of my tummy." I told her that daddy would go with me to the doctor and she may have to stay with Mrs. Jessica. She listened really hard and repeated words here and there, "daddy?" "Baby John is coming?" I then provided the dramatic ending--when I come home from the doctor, I will bring Baby John with me, and he will live with us. She clapped her hands really hard then, and said, "Yea!!!!" I don't think she got it. Do you agree?

And this afternoon, as the rain came in, we played play-dough at her little table. She made me tater-tots. Then we sat on the couch and looked through her baby book. Her only halfway interested and me a bit choked up at how quickly the time has passed. Wasn't I just waiting on her?


Elizabeth said...

soooo cute - all those Ada pix. and Ada stories. It'll all be here so quickly. MOM.

Ashley said...

Oh, I remember that frustrated feeling when you leave the Dr and haven't progressed at all! Hang in there! He will come in HIS time!!! So close!!!!

Jessica said...

I must say, I got a little teary eyed reading that. Perhaps because I can so relate to those feelings and the anticipation of a new one coming soon and life changing. As well as trying to explain it to a unaware toddler while reminicing her entry into the world. Ada was telling me today about baby John. So sweet. Can't wait to meet that little blessing!

Jenny said...

I got sniffly, too. I like how you put that Ada is "blissfully unaware" that a new baby is coming home. Andrew has absolutely no idea. He knows there is a baby in the tummy, and that it moves, but I think that's where it ends. Just putting lots of faith in God that it'll all work out!
Here's to a nice, easy, uneventful last two weeks of pregnancy for us!

The Noonan's said...

Dear friend - I know you are soaking up every minute and wondering where the time went - I think Mama's are always in that constant state. I think I've told you this before but motherhood is full of "long days and short years" that only get shorter. It's an amazing transition time - praying for you to have strength to wait and peace in the waiting. It's a waiting for your heart to be opened up to even more love and awe! see you tonight

Mary Ann said...

Oh, L.B., such a precious blog post. I laughed out loud about the email that John is as big as a watermelon. Oh my goodness, I can't wait to see him. The pictures of Ada are precious.

Hang in there!