Friday, January 1, 2010

Finally, the Christmas posts continue

We'll start with Christmas Eve. We started the evening by attending a candlelight service at Church, and Ada did surprisingly well in the service. I think the candlelight and hushed voices intimidated her just enough to keep her quiet. I was relieved. Ellie and Ada wore their matching Christmas dresses. After Church we headed to "Near's" house for dinner and one gift each for the cousins--Christmas pajamas. Well...Luke's were Toy Story pajamas.
Ada is really into doing things herself these days, so it took her a while to actually get the nightgown on.
Then, the kids enjoyed macaroni and cheese and mandarin oranges, and the adults ate grilled steak, sauteed mushrooms, baked potatoes, and salad. It was oh so good, though a bit chaotic. By the time we sat down to eat, the little ones were getting sleepy and fussy.
We ended the night at Ann's house, with Steven reading the Christmas Story to everyone. If you look to the left of the picture you will see that John also got in on the action. I didn't post a picture that included all of me in it because I was looking quite "large and in charge," if you know what I mean. I tend to be transparent on this blog, but I have my limits;)
Do ya'll know about the Jesus Storybook Bible? It's a must have!!
I'm out of order, but oh well. Here are the girls in their matching nightgowns with Aunt Sarah. Thank you, Ann, for carrying on the pajama tradition.
Ada doesn't do so well sleeping at the Barber's house, for who knows what reason (we predict that will change as she and Ellie get older. I imagine it will be quite fun to spend the night with Ellie), but we like to do Christmas Eve over there, so they can all open their gifts together. Oddly enough, there was a crazy wind storm going on all night long, so we had an especially bad night. It involved much waking up and various shifts in the sleeping arrangements, but we managed to squeeze in a few hours of sleep before morning.
I will be back tomorrow with a final Christmas post, and then I will continue with regularly scheduled blogging.
In the mean time, John is causing me so much back pain. Oh my word. Suggestions anyone? Sometimes it hurts so bad it takes my breath away. I am ready to drive myself to the hospital and get this baby out--too bad we've got six weeks to go.


Elizabeth said...

hmmmmmm. Seems that's the way things started with Ada - remember? Mom

The Noonan's said...

So glad you got to enjoy time with family for Christmas! Hang in there, friend. For the back pain - are you doing any stretches? I have a couple that really helped (even if temporarily)I'll email

Deanna said...

Wasn't that wind crazy on Christmas Eve? We could hear the tin roof on the barn blowing around, and it sounded like it was right outside the girls' room. I don't know how they slept through it.

You're getting so close with little John! I don't have any back pain suggestions...mine was all in my sciatic nerve. I have found that a Boppy works great for neck/upper back support. Hope you find something that works.

Jenny said...

Hey girl. I am also having horrendous back pain! Mostly at night, and mostly it feels as if someone is sticking a knife between by shoulder blades and down my spine. I sleep with a Boppy pregnancy pillow, which helps, sometimes...Many times I end up sleeping in the recliner so that I can technically sleep on my back without going completely flat on my back. That is the magic trick for me.
Check out my Christmas Eve post and you can see I am rather large and in charge too.....only 4 more weeks for me, though, due to a c section!

Amanda said...

LB, we got new PJ's on C'mas Eve every year growing up!!! Your post brings back memories. That is such a fun tradition. And most of the time, that was the only gift we got to open on C'mas Eve as well. Sounds like yall had a great c'mas :)

Melissa said...

Ella got the "Jesus Storybook Bible" for Christmas from my brother. WE LOVE IT!! It is going to be the present we give from now on for gifts. I hadn't heard of it until she got it...I love the wording and how Jesus is truly in every story. I cant wait to see pictures of little John. I have to say that the one easy thing about having two kids is that you have experienced all the nervous firsts already in being parents so you are more laid back or maybe it's just that you are so tired that it appears that way...haha. Nursing is a lot different with a second one too:-) You constantly have a little person staring at your breasts asking you ALL kinds of keeps you laughng so you dont cry;-) I am so excited for your growing family! Ada will love being a big sis~

Ashley said...

This is super fun! Where do you get these Pjs? What a fun idea! And, we love the SB Bible. Mother gave it to Kate on her baptism. And, Andrew Peterson always refers to it when he is speaking at the Behold the Lamb concert.