Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Warning: boring pregnancy talk

Well, there's not much to tell. I am 1 centimeter dilated. Should that even be considered progress? The doctor said he could feel the head and John is in the correct position, now we just have to get him moving.

I don't feel too discouraged about the 1 centimeter because I didn't really dilate at all until the actual day that I had Ada. Apparently my body doesn't dilate until it's ready to have that baby.

So...not much to tell. My mind is very occupied with having this baby, so it's sort of hard for me to blog about anything else.

Ada is excited because she knows that when John comes, Near is also coming. So she keeps talking about that.

I am praying for a restful night. Scott is at the drug store buying me some tylenol because part of the labor process for me is really achey arms and legs--who knows? But I did this with Ada as well. I am hoping to take care of that issue in hopes of sleeping tonight.

Dear John,

can you come out soon? I am ready to meet you my second born and first son. You are big enough, I do believe, that it makes more sense for you to be out here experiencing the world rather than tucked into my womb. All your little arm and leg movements hurt my ribs and my bladder and my hips. And besides, I want to see your sweet face. To meet this person who has been inside of me for the past nine months. Are we ready for this? I don't know. I am hoping that you nurse like a champ. Will you do that for me? And sleep all night, right from the start;) We'll figure it out together, I suppose, stumbling through those first few weeks as we get to know each other. We love you so much already. So much, I can hardly stand to wait any longer to hold you and cuddle with you and introduce you to your big sister. Hurry, hurry, hurry John... we are eagerly awaiting your arrival.


your "mama" (as Ada has named me)


rhodes1 said...

Hope you sleep better tonight! I'm getting very excited, but I do hope that its another day or two so that I'm completely recovered and able to fully enjoy it all. Can't wait to meet John!

Rachel said...

I remember those last dreaded days before Wyatt came. I was as miserable as could be. When is your due date? I think you said the 10th. I hope you don't go another two weeks... I can't wait to see sweet little John!

Tutti said...

before you know it, you'll be holding him in your arms and singing to him in the middle of the night. he's coming, oh, he's definitely coming!