Thursday, January 28, 2010

Stone Soup

Last night Ada and I read the book "Stone Soup," so today, soup is cooking in the kitchen. I am reading the book, For The Children's Sake, which spends much time emphasizing the need for children to read real books, not "twaddle," as Charlotte Mason calls those pointless books. She claims that if the adult doesn't enjoying reading the book, then the child probably shouldn't be reading it. Good books can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Does this mean that I am putting Elmo away for good? Of course not. But I do want to make sure that real books are mixed in.
So...we are working on that, and Ada's attention span is increasing. What I do is I mix all the books in together. The Elmo books are there alongside the classics, and I give Ada the freedom to choose which ones to read. Some days are Elmo days, and some days she chooses the meatier ones. Last night she chose "Stone Soup" for the first time, and she was able to sit through it. I was surprised. I don't think she understood a lot of it, but again, based on the book that I am reading, that is okay. The book talks about reading to children without forcing them to "get" certain things. She says that a five year old and a two year old can listen to the same book and walk away with different things, and that is a good thing. In fact, two different five year olds will get different things out of books, and that is also a good thing. Children lose interest when we try to force the facts. Our job? To give them real literature, and then let them do with it what they will.
Anyway, those are just some things I am thinking about as Ada gets older, and I become more interested in her "education."
Again, I ask, what are your favorite "real" children's books? I loved Velveteen Rabbit. Wasn't that a great one?


Milla said...

SO precious Laura Beth. I love the soup cooking in the kitchen. Ada is even using a kitchen glove! :)

I'd love to hear which books are her favorites... I am already making a list of friend recommendations for whenever we have children!

The Noonan's said...

My kids love any books with animals and most of them you can get from the library.
1.Beatrix Potter's books - Jeremy Fisher, Benjamin Bunny, Peter Rabbit, Ginger and Pickles.
2. Robert McCloskey books - Make Way for Duckling, Time of Wonder, Blueberries for Sal
3. Winnie the Pooh Books
4. The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Eric Carle
5.The Little Engine that Could
6.Abridged versions of Wind in the Willows
7. Thornton Burgess books (these don't usually have pictures)
8. The original fairy tales and nursery ryhmes (usually hard to find)

ok - just a few I see sitting the shelf that the children have enjoyed enjoyed and I will still read. Many of the other great ones I've found are more for boys - Sir Kevin of Devin, The Lilypad Knight, Pirate books and the like.

hope you are enjoying your day - praying for you friend - call if you need anything.

Mary said...

Laura Beth, I love that book, I really think it's one of my favorite homeschooling books. I love that warm and natural approach to education...I have a book (from a yard sale last weekend!) that has some great thoughts on what to read, It's called "Honey for a Child's Heart". You are welcome to borrow it if you're interested!