Saturday, May 8, 2010

And success continues

Today marks day two of potty training success.  Without being reminded, Ada is sitting on the potty any time she feels the urge to tee-tee.  Yea, yea, and yea again.

Now, I have two questions for all you who have walked this potty training road ahead of me.

Today, Scott suprised me with lunch out--you know, because tomorrow is Mother's Day.  So, there we sat at a local Mexican restaurant, John all wrapped up, attached to me, and asleep, and Ada announces that she needs to go to the bathroom.  Scott looks at me, and I said that he would have to take her.  So they went, it was a success, and we went on with our lunch.  However, the thought of taking Ada to public restrooms sort of grosses me out.  You know what I mean? do ya'll deal with the public restroom situation?  Is there a good solution for using the potty outside of the home?

Second question.

Ada now expects to receive a "surprise" each time she uses the potty.  She is going to the potty regularly enough, that it's time to "wean" her off the surprise.  No preschooler needs that much chocolate, you know?  Of course the band-aids and the color wonder markers are okay, I suppose. do I go from receiving prizes for using the potty to it just being an expected thing? 

Okay, I actually have a third question.  When do I begin letting her sleep in panties? 

This is all so unknown to me, and though it may sound crazy, I keep thinking about how it's our first big milestone.  I mean, of course there was walking and sleeping through the night and table food and things like that, but this has been the first thing that Ada has had to face, to conquer.  She has been afraid because she hates change, and there have been many tears and many prayers as she walked her way through the past two days.  What a huge thing for a two year old, you know?  And then, each time she experienced success, she was on top of the world.  Such confidence.  Such excitement.  Such a preview of all that is to come in her life.

Last night we were walking through Target, and Scott commented on what a great mood she was in.  And I said that I knew exactly how she felt.  Don't you?  That feeling when you dreaded something and then accomplished it--like my first day of teaching or presenting a seminar paper or even labor.  That is how she seemed last night.  Relieved and excited and proud.

Anyway...I know I sound crazy and sentimental, but I would love some feedback on the questions;)  Thanks!!


Jennifer said...

After Ava was stellar with going pee on the toilet, we had a little bit of a problem with the rest of her business, so we began rewarding her just for when she did THAT part. And eventually we just sort of trickled out and she didn't get candy any more. But I would keep it up for now, at least a few more days, maybe even a week. It IS a big deal, and I'd want a piece of candy for something like that, you know? And then, the next year, when we were rewarding Scott for peeing on the potty, Ava would run up and say "I went too! Do I get a special treat?" So then we had to deal with that.
I'm not big on germs, so public bathrooms don't bother me. Bring some Purell, that's my only suggestion.
And as far as sleeping in kids will probably sleep in diapers in college. I'm gonna check back to see what advice everyone else gives you on that one. I did it for a week, seven days exactly, and I had to change the sheets three times, in the middle of the night! That's just not for me, so back in a diaper she went. She wakes up dry ninety percent of the time, but ugh, I just can't handle having to wake up in the middle of the night and change the sheets. No way.
Congrats again! Potty training and a new baby- you and Ada rock!

Tutti said...

just stop mentioning the surprise, but when she mentions it, keep giving it to her for the next week or so. she will most certainly start forgetting. we bought a porta-potty that we have in the car that is very helpful and i just keep plastic grocery store bags and/or wipes/toilet paper to avoid public restrooms. each child is different, so put diapers on her at night, until she stops peeing in them. ruth just stop peeing in her pull-ups at night, but the boys never sleeped in diapers. not one night. feel it out, but if you find yourself changing the sheets two nights in a row, then you know that she's not ready for underwear at night. yay ada!

Katie said...

I'm learning so much. I will store these posts and comments in my potty training memory bank for when the time comes!!

Jenny said...

I started small with the sleeping in panties...just try nap time for a week or two, then ease into night time. And we did what Tutti said about the treat...we stopped mentioning it, and Andrew eventually stopped asking. And, best thing ever...they make little disposable potty seat covers for public restrooms...just like those plastic placemats, except for the potty! They're great, a nice barrier between the germ factory and the bum. I think my mom found them at Target.

laura.murphree said...

I clearly have not had to potty train yet but I would definitely think keeping the candy going for a few more days is a good idea. Then if she does not forget to ask for candy maybe you could reward her once a know stretch it out. Like I said I have not been there but I that is what I would do. I am learning so much about the days to come.

Amy said...

Try raisins for the prize. It worked for us and I didn't feel as guilty. (I actually used 1 raisin for pee and 1 raisin and 1 m&m for poo). Eventually I just sporadically gave them and then stopped all together.

David sleeps through naps in underwear but I haven't attempted night- I don't plan to for a while.

Public potties- it took a long time for him not to be scared of the big potty. Finally, he just gave in and would go in them. I would just lift him up and hold him since it was so big.

Also, John is so precious. He looks a lot like you!