Monday, May 24, 2010

More Conversations with Ada

Me:  "Ada, did you know that I used to be a teacher?"
Ada:  "A teacher?"
Me:  "Yes, I used to get up and go to work every morning just like Daddy does.  I taught about good books."
Ada:  "You used to be a man?"

so, now I am trying to explain that women work too, not just men ;)

And this morning in the car we passed a fire truck with the sirens blaring.

Ada:  "look mommy, a firetruck!!  Where is it going?"
Me:  "probably to help someone."
Ada:  "a man or a mommy?"
Me:  "what do you think?"
Ada:  "a mommy"
Me:  "maybe so"
Ada:  "will they check her belly button or her ears?"

hmmm...good question, Ada. 

Okay, have to come back and add this one

Ada:  "Mama, are you going to be an Ada some time?"
Me:  "What do you mean?"
Ada:  "When I'm a mom, will you be an Ada?"
Me:  "No, when you're a mom, I'll be a 'Near' "
Ada:  "Oh..."


Mary Ann said...


There just aren't enough words to say how cute.

Mary Ann

Lindsay said...

This is so funny and cute! And you defiitely still are a teacher! :)

Scott said...

Yes. Still a teacher. Not a man.

Mary said...

adorable! On the last one I can just see her saying "Oh" but looking at you like "What in the world is mommy talking about???"

shannon said...

I have lots to comment on:
1.) Love the haircut!
2.) The Ada convos are hysterical. Do you ever think it's weird that she talks? I keep thinking how strange it will be when Tripp's babble turns into talking!
3.)there was totally something else, but I went to check on a yelling Tripp & forgot
4.)I remembered! I think it's fun that you organize trips to the park! (can you see me snickering? ha!) Hope Ada's bites are better.