Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Killing Time

Here is what is going on in our house right now...

John has not had a quality nap all day long.  I am a big believer in babies' needing good, quality sleep.  John sleeps on his stomach, which I have never mentioned on the blog because of its controversial nature.  I know what the doctors say, but I also know what so many moms say, and the result--John sleeps on his stomach, and he has loved this until now.  Now, he is flipping to his back, every single time we put him down.  Normally, I go upstairs and flip him back over, but that is not working today, so now I am letting him "cry it out" on his back.  He is so mad.  So, so mad, and it is against my nature as a mom to listen to him cry without doing anything about it.  I hate it.  But I also know that he really needs to sleep.  I think eventually he will sleep.  I think.

So, I blog, just to get my mind on something else.

By the way, he might have had a quality nap this morning while I was showering, but I turned the shower off only to hear both of my children crying very hard.  I found Ada in the pack-n-play with John.  When I got in the shower, Ada was playing downstairs, and John was sound asleep upstairs in the master bedroom closet.  After my shower--the closet light was on, Ada was in the pack-n-play with John, and both children were crying very hard.  I think Ada was crying because she couldn't get out of the pack-n-play and she realized that she probably shouldn't have gotten in there in the first place.  I was so frustrated, to say the least. 

Anyway...he is still crying.  I hate this.

Update:  John is asleep!!!  And he only cried for maybe 15 minutes. 


ann said...

Omigosh!! I am so sorry. I know you were ready to scream along with them when you found Ada in the pack-n-play.

laura.murphree said...

Kylie loves her tummy sleep too. I know it would be better for her to be on her back but she preferred it and we both needed our sleep. I broke the rules too:)