Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Three Months

In the midst of the potty training hoopla, John's three month birthday passed us by.  But I think three months is a bit of a big deal, so I felt the need to post a little something.

At three months, we are still getting our footing as a family of four.  Just when I think a new normal has been established, John goes and changes it up a bit.  I would like to tell you about our wonderful nursing schedule and all the hours of sleep we are getting at night, but that just wouldn't be accurate. 

Here is reality.  Everyday my goal is to nurse every three hours.  Sometimes that happens, sometimes he wants to eat every two or every four. 

Every once in a while, for no rhyme or reason, John decides to sleep for seven or even nine hours at night, and then other nights, he eats every two hours.  I never know what it will be when my head hits the pillow.  The suspense, you know;)  More often than not, he eats every three hours at night, which makes for a tired mama every morning.

He is still my cuddle bug.  Much more so than Ada.  He loves to cuddle up to me after nursing, and his favorite place in the world is tucked into the moby wrap, right next to me, like he's still in the womb.  He loves to ride through the grocery store, all snug and attached to me, staring at the world around him.

He is quite the efficient nurser, sometimes only 7 minutes on one side and he is done.  I was concerned about this, but I have talked to other moms and based on weight gain and wet diapers, I think he is getting plenty of milk.  He refuses to take a bottle, which secretly makes me proud.  I prayed for a nurser, and the Lord said yes!!

I was talking to Ann the other day about our lack of sleep or schedule, and I said, the thing is, my major goal for this year is to nurse for the whole year, and I think we will accomplish that.  Our one constant is that I strictly follow the sleep, eat, wake schedule.  He always puts himself to sleep.  I lay him down, he fusses for a minute or two, and then he sleeps.

We still have no definite nap schedule, though he takes at least three good naps a day, sometimes even more than that.  He doesn't have very happy wake times, but I can occasionally get a smile or even a coo. 

He is a little chunky, monkey, with a triple chin and fat rolls galore.  And I can't resist those cheeks.  I kiss them constantly.

He is my precious little booger boo, and I am very thankful that I get to be his mama.  What a gift.  What a gift.  At times an exhausting gift, but a gift none the less.  

And below you will see how he mostly spends his days, putting up with his big sister.  Bless his heart.  He is definitely the second child.


Mary Ann said...

Oh, Laura Beth,

Too cute!!!! I can't wait to get my hands on John this weekend. In the last picture it looks like Ada is lovingly choking him, but he looks so content to be choked. I hope he will smile for me this weekend.

Love you,
Mary Ann

Deanna said...

Oh, he's getting so big! From those pictures, it looks like he favors your husband a lot? Baby fat rolls are precious!

Scott said...

Deanna, he does favor me a lot. I think it's the fat rolls.

Jessica said...

He is just SO CUTE!! Hopefully after this week we can hang out more and play...veritas will be over soon! I feel like I haven't seen that little guy much!

Jenny said...

LB, it's amazing how similar our babies was almost like reading about Emily! She's the exact same with nursing, and with the sleeping. I think they are just much stronger now and are able to get more milk quicker. So I suppose they're on the right track!
Can't believe we'll be starting rice with Emmy in two weeks, it makes me a little sad!

rhodes1 said...

I think your children have especially cute lips. I remember thinking that about Ada. Oh I can't wait to see them this weekend!

Julia Fain said...

Hi! I'm visiting from Amy E's blog : ) Keep up the nursing! Once you start solids he will probably go longer stretches.

Eventually you can get their naps lined up (I'm assuming Ada takes naps). We do that alot in our house and it gets me over the hump if I'd had a bad night with Kinsey.

jane said...

oh hurray! 3 months is such a milestone!
and it makes my heart happy to hear all that talk about the moby! i'm thrilled that it is working so well for y'all... you must post a pic of him snug in there. that is one thing i regret --- that i don't have any pics of e tiny in a sling... he spent so much time like!