Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Little Stinkers and the Haircut

First of all, stinker one and stinker two (as I like to call them) this morning, fresh from the bed.

And then later, cleaned up and ready for Church.

I am very pleased with the haircut, which, don't laugh, but I prayed that I would be.  You know carrying around a few extra pounds and still wearing maternity jeans (though I mostly opt to not wear jeans) I really didn't want to add a bad hair cut to the mix.  And when I prayed about, I told the Lord that I knew that my hair doesn't matter that much in the whole span of eternity and in light of His kingdom coming and things like that.  But I also believe that he is an intimate Savior.  My mom had given me this gift card, and it was my one opportunity to get a good hair cut, so I humbly asked for Him to make it a good one.  

I loved, loved, loved the girl who cut my hair.  If you are in the Auburn area, call AP Pearson salon and make an appointment with Ashley--it is worth every penny.  Thanks for the recommendation, Sarah (and so many other people).  She talked to me for a while before she even washed my hair--discussing face shape, hair texture, and time I can spend on my hair each day.  I was so impressed with her, and I totally felt safe saying, do whatever you think is best.  Then, we proceeded to talk and talk and talk for the entire hour that she cut my hair, and we could have kept going.  She was great. 

It was quite a bit of hair that she cut off, and I assured her that I normally have short hair, not long.  I think she was nervous that I didn't realize how short it would be.  I will say that Scott had a funny look on his face when he first saw me, simply because he prefers that I keep my hair long always, but I think he is now used to it and likes it. 

The entire day was lots of fun, as John made his first trip to Auburn and, equally important, Big Blue Bagel.  He did sleep through Big Blue Bagel, which tells me that he loved it!!  And I got to hang out with two dear college friends, both due to have babies in the next few weeks.  We talked labor, nursing, motherhood, marriage after babies, and the list could go on and on.  It was such a refreshing thing to be with friends who have known me for so long!! 

But now I must go, as John is "freshly" fed, and I need to hurry to the grocery store before he gets hungry again. 


Lindsay said...

I love the haircut LB! It is definitely perfect for you! And I can't believe how much John looks like Scott!

rhodes1 said...

Yay for the haircut! Very cute. If only I could get back to Ashley.

Elizabeth said...

Laura Beth! So Cute. I love it! Don't you feel fresher??? I love it. MOM

julie said...

Not saying this because you just posted about it, I promise, but I meant to tell you yesterday how cute your hair is.. I'm a fan of short hair and your hair does it well, very cute!

Mary Ann said...


I love your hair!!! The pix are wonderful, as usual. Honestly, John looks like he's grown since I saw him in S'boro.

Mary Ann