Monday, May 31, 2010

A random list of items I want to blog about

1.  The Moore's had a sad experience yesterday.  Have I mentioned that I like diet coke? ;)  Have I mentioned that I like Sonic diet coke?  As in every single morning, I like Sonic diet coke? 

Well yesterday on our way home from church we ran by Sonic to get our usual large diet coke.  They brought it to me, and I took the first sip.  I immediately looked at Scott and said, "go back, it's real coke.  It is definitely not diet."  So, we turned the car around, and our waitress saw us and came to our car.  Scott said, "I think this is real coke, and not diet."  And she said, are you ready?.... she said, "We don't have diet coke anymore, we have coke zero."  Scott and I both looked at her in complete distress, and Scott said, "as in, forever?  You will permanently not have diet coke?"  And she said, "yeah, we got new machines."

I am sure this seems like a minor thing to most people, but it is rather life-altering for me.  We are in disbelief.  I mean, it occupied much of our conversation yesterday.  Why would they do this?   Don't they know that people want diet coke, not coke zero? 

Obviously, there are other places to get fountain diet coke, but Sonic's tastes the best, and Sonic has much better deals than anywhere else.  Plus, almost every time that I ordered a diet coke, my receipt came with a coupon for a free diet coke on my next, really, I can't justify going to another place every morning and paying almost 2.00 for a diet coke.  This will probably really help me to cut down on the diet coke drinking.  (I knew you would be glad to hear that, Tutti).

2.  Next item on my blogging list--  John is wearing a size three diaper now.  A size three!!!!   He always wakes up at night soaking wet from a leaky diaper, so yesterday, thinking it would surely be too big, I put a size three diaper on him, and it fit just fine.  I came downstairs and said to Scott, "Do you know that our little baby is wearing a size three diaper?"  I can't believe how fast these months are going by. 

Speaking of John, his nights are absolutely worse than ever.  Last night, he woke up less than every two hours.  There was maybe an hour and half between each feeding.  It all blended together for me.  I even tried to just let him cry one time, but I was so tired, and it felt easier to just feed him.  I am thinking this around the clock eating might somehow be related to his need for a size three diaper.  What do you think?

Tonight, I am "buckling down" and letting him cry if he wakes up with less than three hours between feedings.  It's just not necessary to eat that much.  We have to "nip this in the bud," don't you agree?

3.  I finally, finally, finally bought a pair of non-maternity jeans.  I was in a terrible mood yesterday trying to find something to wear to church, which basically just revealed sin in my heart, but it also revealed to Scott my need for a few new clothing items.  So...he went over the budget, and told me I could find a pair of jeans. say the least.  I ended up finding a pair at the J. Crew outlet for 18.00!!!!  They were having huge Memorial Day sales.  I couldn't bear to actually buy skinny jeans, but they are straight leg and a very dark wash, so I don't feel as hopelessly out of style as I did before yesterday;)  Because I only spent 18.00, I am going to try to buy a few more things to update the clothing that I already have--a new pair of sandals or a belt, perhaps?  I am trying to be very strategic and make the most of what I already have.

4.  I just finished reading Little Women.  Great book.  Easy read.  What are your favorites of the classics?  I would love some suggestions.

5. This is a big one...I am going back to tutoring this week, and I am fairly nervous about it.  I will only be gone for about an hour and a half on Tues. and Thurs. afternoons (and soon on Mondays and Wednesdays as well), but I am nervous about the nursing situation.  John does not take a bottle, and I plan to feed him right before I go.  Worst case scenario, he refuses to eat right before I go, and Scott has to deal with a crying, hungry baby for an hour. 

I am excited to get back to it, though.  I think it's good for my sanity, and we have lofty goals to get rid of debt this year, and the tutoring helps a bit with that goal.

And, I think that's it.  Happy Memorial Day!!! 


rhodes1 said...

I couldn't help but laugh about the diet coke thing, although I know I would freak if somehow my morning coffee got messed up. It would throw off the whole day, so I'm sorry!

Mary said...

LB, re: diet Coke. I used to be a Coke drinker who could not fathom EVER giving up Coke for Diet Coke. Even Coke Zero tasted disgusting to me. Well, then Dr Phil (not that I am really into Dr Phil's advice, but it was interesting) said that some people, if they drink any "un-diet" drinks, can drop about 10 lbs just by switching to diet, so I did switch, I did drop about 10 pounds, I did get hooked on it and love diet Coke. All of this long rambling just to say, somewhere along the way I had Coke Zero a few times in a row and then started to like it as well as diet Coke. Now I really like it maybe give it a shot? It grows on you, really. I did not know about the coupons at Sonic, now I gotta check it out! (ps... I gained all of the ten pounds back...) :(

Jennifer said...

I would be FREAKING out about the diet coke if I were you. Like, seriously. That would literally ruin my life. That's how important diet coke is to me! We just moved overseas and the diet coke here is a little "off" and it was a HUGE deal for me!!! Like, huge huge. They have a mcdonalds on base where the fountain is ALMOST up to par with American, but it's still different. And the cans are so bad that I had to switch to diet doctor pepper. It was a sad, sad day. So I sympathize. Seriously.

Deanna said...

I can't believe Sonic would go to Coke Zero! Seriously, I know almost no one who prefers it over Diet Coke. Do they still have Diet DP? I'm going to have to check.

Does John take a pacifier? I figured out that would push my girls a little longer during the night sometimes. I hope you start getting more sleep soon.

FYI...My girls still wear size three diapers! : )