Sunday, July 18, 2010

Big Girl

Three is quickly approaching.  Three years since we began this thing?  I can't believe it.

I had a few goals for three--potty trained and no pacie and the big girl bed.

She is potty trained (except for naps and nights, but we're getting there), and we have big plans to trade that pacie in for something much more appropriate for a big girl (dress up clothes, maybe?).  It's coming.

And today, finally, we put the baby bed away (we have all the parts, Ann, don't worry), and she is officially sleeping in a "big girl bed." 

Her bed room is in process.  Our entire house is in process.  Most days that drives me crazy, but I deal with it.  But we plan to tackle the rest of her room next Saturday.  I want to paint all of her furniture black and distress it and add fun drawer knobs.  And we need bedding.  I am going with white to balance out the black.  I think it will be fun and give her room to grow.
Can you tell that she is thrilled? 

p.s. those steps go with our master bed (a hand-me-down from my parents), but they are perfect for her to get in and out of her bed.  It was her idea.


Rose said...

what a great time to graduate to beibg a big girl.big bed, alot of jumping up and down. what fun.

Katie said...

I love love love the paint color on the walls and I think the black is going to look so good! Congrats to little miss Ada!!!

Jessica said...

HOW EXCITING!!! Love that color blue..I don't know that I've ever really paid attention to it. Will you leave the walls that color? That will be so fun to get her room ready. Yay for little Ada!!

shannon said...

love the color of her room! Tripp can climb up his crib, but so far hasn't climbed out. I'm afraid we may have to make the transition soon. Another "baby" thing we're doing away with - I cried when I washed the last bottle :-(