Wednesday, July 21, 2010

For Fun

In an effort to avoid cleaning up the kitchen, I have been perusing the J. Crew website. 

I started by looking at the crew cuts clothing.  I am a bit obsessed with J. Crew's children's clothing, and if I had more money in my pocket, Ada's wardrobe would most likely be made up of mostly J. Crew clothing.

Well, while at the website, I saw the weddings tab, and I just couldn't help myself... I clicked on it.

Any other women out there who still like to look at wedding dresses, after the fact? 

Well, I saw this dress and told Scott that I wish we could have another wedding so that I could wear this dress.  He said I was crazy, but it's still fun to dream. 

I even tried to get him to get off the couch and come see it to tell me if he liked it or not.  He didn't budge.

Okay, reality check:  my husband, who I already married while wearing a different wedding dress than the one above, is on the couch folding clothes, our two children are upstairs asleep (thank you, Lord!), and I need to get off my tail and go finish the kitchen.


Lindsay said...

LB, I'm the same way! I think I could plan all aspects of my wedding in different ways indefinitely! It was so fun huh?!

rhodes1 said...

You know, I haven't gotten married yet, and I would totally be up for wearing that whenever I do. You could try it on and pretend for a little while.

Rose said...

it's OK to wish, i asked my husband to renew vowels, he must be related to your huband. it's a no the dress is beautifu. sorry, these men have no romance.

Jenny said...

LB, I do the same thing...I watch that show on TLC "Say Yes to the Dress." I told my husband that I wanted to have a 10 year vow-renewal ceremony so that I could get another dress :)