Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Few Things

1.  We went to the cardiologist today, and as we suspected, everything is A-okay.  They did an EKG (correct terminology?), an ultrasound on John's heart, and the doctor listened to his heart.  They did find a tiny little hole in his heart, which is apparently very, very common.  The doctor said there is the tiniest little chance that is what is causing the breathing episodes, but he also said that most likely, John just gets very angry, and that is what causes the breathing episodes.  We might be facing some tough toddler years, but we will certainly take that over heart problems!!!  The hole should close on its own, but we go back in six months to make sure.  At that point, if the hole is not closed, we will do further testing, but the cardiologist has been practicing for 30 years, and he said he has never had to do further testing on a baby because the hole didn't close up, so we assume that everything is going to be just fine.

Little John was a trooper.  The ultrasound technician suggested that we grab a bottle or pacie to keep him content during the ultrasound, and I said, bad news, he won't take either.  Instead, I let him suck on my finger.  Gross?  Maybe, but it kept him happy for a while.  Then he started getting very upset and kicking those chunky monkey legs of his and thrashing his arms.  The technician said he is a mover and we are in trouble when he starts walking.  We actually might be happier when he is mobile because maybe he will be happier.  Then we went back to the room, and he was able to nurse until the doctor came in, and if he is nursing, he is a happy little camper.  He had to miss his morning nap for the appointment, so I let him nurse away in order to prevent the fussiness that was threatening to take over.

Anyway, we are glad that we went because now we know that he just has a temper.

2.  This is on its way to our house because someone is turning THREE in just a couple of weeks.
Let me confess that Ada specifically asked for a pink tricycle because, in her words, "pink is my favorite color."  (She says this all the time!!)  But I ordered red.  I wanted something that could be passed down to John, and I think a red tricycle is oh so classic, so I am hoping she will be so excited about the trike that the color won't really matter.  (Mom, I am having much sympathy for the predicament I put you in that Christmas when I asked for the bike, but really Ann needed the new bike.  I officially understand the fact that parents have to make the most rational decision when it comes to those things).  We have decided to keep things simple and not do a friend party this year.  I think we are going to do lunch at Chick-fil-a, give her the tricycle after her nap, and do cake after dinner.  We have looked at the cakes at Publix, and as of today, she picked a crayola cake, which makes sense.  She loves anything having to do with paint, drawing, crayons, etc.  I was a little sad because I could picture such a cute themed birthday party surrounding the crayola cake, but, oh well...not this year.

Of course, all family is welcome, but we assume it will just be the four of us, and I think Ada will love that it is her special day. 

And that is what is happening in our house tonight. 


Elizabeth said...

whoa! everything's happening so fast! hadn't realized how close Ada's birthday is and that is also the same time Kate is supposed to leave for WS. Wow! Love the tricyle!!! I want to ride it! I think I have some pictures of my first tricycle which was really Mary Ann's first. Same story for all us second born children. She's got to love the red. I do. I like it better. Tricycles are supposed to look like that. :-) I want to see Ada and John! Glad ya'll are coming for Esther's shower. We need to visit ya'll in McDonough.

Jessica said...

FYI Ada rode Grant's red trike most of the day yesterday when we were outside playing..I think she'll love her new trike!!

Mary Ann said...

So thankful for John's good report. I'm dying, dying to see those chunky monkey legs.

Ada will be receiving something from me in the mail, probably sometimes next week. I love the idea to get her the red tricycle.

Mary Ann

Mary said...

So glad about the news from the cardiologist...even if you felt sure already. it is always good to hear a doctor confirm!! :)

Rose said...

good news re John. Ada will enjoy her bike and I feel you will mae her birthday one to remember