Sunday, July 11, 2010

Full Weekend

Here at the Moore household, you will most likely find us relaxing at home during the weekend. 

There was a time, back before children, where I wanted us to go, go, go all weekend long (which caused many an argument during that first year of marriage), but now that I am a mom, by Friday, I am exhausted, and I like to soak up time at home with Scott here to help. 

Plus, I am discovering that during this infant stage, when John is napping three times a day, it just isn't easy to get out of the house much.  Ada was a car seat sleeper, so I would load her up, and she would nap on the go.  John, however, requires a bed, so we are simply staying put during this season of life.

But this weekend was somewhat of an exception.

We began the weekend with Cow Apprecation day at Chick-fil-a.  I heard about this last year, but I didn't have the nerve to dress us all up like cows.  This year, I decided to swallow my pride and head out for some free food.  Besides, Ada was thrilled that we were all dressing up like cows.  She called me, "Mommy cow," but when I called her "baby cow," she reminded me that she is not a baby, so I changed it to, "little girl" cow.  I also recruited some friends to meet me at Chick-fil-a, so that I was not alone in my "get up."  Here is the only picture I could get of Ada.  She did not want me to take a picture, but I snapped a quick one anyway, as Scott was getting John settled in the car.

That was Friday night.

Saturday morning we did what we do every Saturday morning, we grocery shopped.  We are up and at 'em so early on Saturdays anyway, and I have found that the grocery stores are fairly empty that early on a Saturday, so the whole family does a weekly run to Kroger and to Publix.  I have to be able to think in order to coupon, so Scott drives Ada and John around in one grocery cart, and I take my own cart and we all meet back at the check out when it's time to go.  Ada really enjoys the grocery trip each week.  See the picture below to understand her excitement.

Ada came home with two balloons, two stickers, a sucker, and a cookie.  Really, grocery shopping is the highlight of her week.

And then, the best part of the whole weekend, I went out to dinner and movie with my women's bible study from church.  What. a. treat.  I can count on one hand the number of times I have been to a movie theater since Ada was born.  That is just one thing you cannot do with a child in tow.  It was such a needed break from the norm, to say the least, to have quality, uninterrupted, girl time with these dear, dear women.  (Really, the Lord has given me such Godly women to connect with here in my little corner of GA).  Plus, these women worked around John's schedule, and we ate dinner near my house, so that I could run home and feed him before the movie.

I am really soaking up John's baby stage, more so than with Ada.  Perhaps because this time around I better understand how fleeting it is.  I am relishing the cuddles, the smells, the baby sounds.  However I am also remembering what a lonely stage this is.  We truly are homebound most of the time, due to John's nap schedule.  I find myself longing for adult interaction.  This weekend met that need in abundance.  Thank you, Lord, for the litte things.


ann said...

Ellie and Luke loved the Ada cow picture. So fun that you got to go out with girls. What movie did you see?

Jenny said...

I really liked this post, LB. We too are in the same stage of life where we just can't really go anywhere unless it's a quick trip, and we all know that with two kids (one being a baby) there is no such thing. And you described it very well when you said it is a very lonely stage. I feel bad sometimes when my husband walks in the door from work and I talk to him constantly, just because he's the only adult I speak to some days. We just have to remind ourselves that it is temporary, and, most importantly, that it is a blessing that we are able to be homebound by such beautiful, healthy children, and also that we are financially blessed to be able to stay home.
Hang in there! And soak it up, girl, soak it up.

Rose said...

i have to say you have got guts re the cow dressup. loved the pic of Ada. sounds like you have very compassionate friends. sounds like it was great for you. you deserve this. have a good evening