Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Another conversation with Ada--distracting myself

John is upstairs in his bed "crying-it-out."  The poor guy must be so conflicted.  Sometimes he has to cry it out, sometimes he just gets to eat.  I am having one of those, he's NINE months old, he needs to sleep all night days, so for now he is crying it out.  (Don't feel sorry for him.  He ate less than two hours ago.  He just wants to snuggle, which I understand, but he also needs to learn to sleep). 

So, to distract myself, I am going to share an Ada conversation. 

These days a lot of our conversations revolve around Christmas because Christmas decorations are going up all over town, and every time Ada sees a new one, she exclaims, "Christmas is coming up!!"

So, after driving through the town square the other day, Ada says from the backseat of the car,

"Mom, do you know what Christmas means?"

Well, I immediately imagined all the clever things she might say--all about Jesus' birthday, and I was thrilled to hear her little heart, so I said,

"What, Ada?  What does it mean?"

Ada's response-- "It's a holiday where you go to school and get something.  Like a treat or a cookie or something."

Wow...not what I had in mind.  I assume that she saw a Christmas episode of one of her favorite cartoons.  Caillou, perhaps?

I then proceeded to share with her what I think Christmas means, including Jesus' birth.  At that point Ada began to ask questions like, did Mary go to a hospital, etc. etc.  When I explained that no, Jesus was born in a barn, and he didn't have a bed, Ada said, "Oh yeah, Mary put him in a nest!!"  Can't you just see a drawing of Jesus' manger--it does look like a nest, right?

Anyway, John has now stopped crying.  Why, you ask.  Because I fed him.  I'm absolutely wrapped around his little finger.


Kate Rhodes said...

i love these posts! post ada conversations as much as you like!

Rose said...

you are a good mother. thanks for the christmas story with ada. rose

Jennifer said...

Hey, I know you're a busy mom and don't have time for this, but I live overseas and I'm placing a massive order of books for christmas and I was wondering if you could recommend a few? You always have such great quotes and it seems like you're always reading something so purposeful, like about being a better mother and all...anyway. Kind of random, I know, but I thought it might be worth a shot.

PS I meant Christian nonfiction, not like the new Dean Koontz or anything :)