Friday, November 5, 2010

Conversations with Ada

Setting--we are in the car running errands around town, and Ada sees some Halloween decorations that are still out.

Ada:  "Mom, is it still Hallowing?"[that's what she calls Halloween--Hallowing]

Me:  "No, the next Holiday is Thanksgiving.  Do you know what Thanksgiving is?"

Ada:  [in a very excited voice] "Yes!!  It's when I get toys for Christmas!!"

Me:  "No, Thanksgiving is when we spend time thanking God for all the things he has given us.  For example, I am thankful for you, and John, and daddy.  Can you think of anything that you are thankful for?" [I realize that this isn't a full explanation of what Thanksgiving is, but I was winging it, big time.]

Ada:  [silent and looking around]...ummm, doors?

Me:  "okay, I am thankful for doors too.  They keep us safe and warm inside our houses and cars.  And Ada, do you remember whose birthday we celebrate at Christmas?"

Ada:  [silent again] "...ummm...mommy's?"

Me:  "No, it's Jesus's birthday!!!" [enthusiastic, excited voice]

Ada:  [again, an excited voice] "do we get to go see him?!!!" [I am fairly certain she was thinking of a birthday party at this point]

Me:  "No, remember how we talked about that we can't see Him, but He is here?"

Ada:  "yes, he is here and here and here and here," [pointing to lots of different places], "right, mommy?"

Me:  "That's right, Ada..."

and at that point we pulled into our driveway and the conversation stopped.

It's looking like all of last Christmas's effort to focus on Jesus as the reason for Christmas rather than gifts, didn't really stick ;)  We'll just have to give it another shot this year.

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rhodes1 said...

I just love conversations with Ada! I went back and read the old ones and had somehow missed the conversation about seeing Jesus. Oh my goodness, so sweet. I can't imagine having to say no to that! Miss her.