Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pink Eye

 This little guy has what I think is pink eye.  No fun. 

I was trying to take a picture of his eye tonight to send to my mom.  I wanted her advice on taking him to the pediatrician tomorrow.  Well our stinky, point-and-shoot camera was not getting the job done, and John was getting more and more angry every time I snapped a picture instead of taking him from Scott and cuddling with him.  Bless his little pink eye infested self.
 Not happy and so pitiful.  We are going to the pediatrician tomorrow, by the way.  When I googled pictures of pink eye, John was a perfect match.  And he matched the bacterial version, not viral.  To the doctor we go.

"How many ways can I say, I am so stinkin' mad, mom?  Put that camera away!!!"


Elizabeth said...

He is so adorable. I could only see it in the next to last picture - but still not that well. I conclude with you, just take him to the doctor.

I know that is a hassle, those trips to the doctor - get everyone dressed and in the car and sit in the waiting room and then in the office -oh well -

Jess said...

Poor John! I hope he feels better soon!

Mary Ann said...

I remember having pink eye as a child. No fun at all. Please let us hear what the doctor says about John.

How is Ada doing at night? Still crying or sleeping more?

Love you guys,
Mary Ann

Jessica said...

poor little guy!!!! hope he feels better soon!!!