Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Both my kids have pink eye,  and Ada has it in both eyes.  So now I am doing the eyedrop battle every four hours.  Luckily neither child acts like they feel too bad, so hopefully it will pass soon.  Tonight once Scott is home I am going to strip beds and wash everything in an effort to get this contagious thing out of our house!!!

Ada didn't get sick her first year of life.  Ever.  I think I have been living in a dream world where I believed that breast fed babies don't get sick.  John is proving me wrong left and right.  He had that fever while we were in Gulf Shores and now pink eye, which he promptly passed to his sister.  Not to mention the numerous cardiologist and neurologist visits (which obviously have nothing to do with breast vs. bottle). 

Anyway...just wanted to update.  They are both sleeping, and now I am going to lie down as I continue to wake up numerous times throughout the night--sometimes for John, sometimes for Ada.  A full night's sleep?  What's that?


Mary Ann said...

Thanks for the update on Ada and John. I hope the eyedrops help both of them quickly. I also hope you and Scott don't get pink eye or just wear out, in general, from it all.

Mary Ann

Jessica said...

oh man, that STINKS. Praying the pink eye will pass quickly and NOT pass to you or Scott. Hang in there.