Sunday, November 28, 2010

From McDonalds

I am definitely blogging from McDonald's right now.

For who knows what reason, our internet is not working.  Our phone is working, but not our internet.  Scott will hopefully be getting that fixed tomorrow.  But...the grocery list couldn't wait.  And I am now lost without my favorite coupon websites, so after Ada and John were tucked into bed, I ended up here in order to make a grocery list with coupon match-ups.  We have been eating waaaaay too much fast food over the past couple of days, so I am desperate to get to the grocery store first thing tomorrow.  Our budget and our health can't stand any more eating out.

We do have bread, peanut butter, eggs, and almond milk (what Ada drinks in place of regular milk), so really we could survive, I guess.

We also now have our Christmas tree--woo-hoo.  Ada is thrilled, and she even has her own tiny little artificial tree sitting in her room.  It's officially Christmas at our house.  Tonight we kicked the season off by reading about Gabriel telling Mary that she would have a baby--"You shall call his name Jesus, and He will be great!!"  (this is one of Ada's AWANA bible verses, so she was able to chime in at that part).

Ada was into the story, which was exciting because we read straight from the ESV bible, and usually we use her story book bible.  She asked some great questions, including how does a baby get into a mommy's tummy.  Several times we have gone over how the baby gets out, but this was the first question about how it gets in.  I took Ann's lead and told her that a baby can only get in a mommy's tummy if God puts it there, and she was satisfied with that.  She also wanted to know if one day she would have her baby in a hospital or a farm (you know, like Jesus).  I told her, that I assume she will have a baby in a hospital, not a farm;).

Anyway...just wanted to touch base.  We are still battling lots of sickness over here--pink eye, colds, and some strange rash all over John.  He is on an antibiotic for the pink eye (this is the second round of pink eye).  I am wondering if the rash is a reaction?  Hmmm...

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and is ready to fully enjoy the Christmas season.


Sarah Garner said...

It is a reaction! Did it start on his stomach? That's most common. Give that boy some benadryl and call your doctor tomorrow!

Sarah Garner said...

I sent an email to your hotmail account. Is that still correct?